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British: Mujahideen WILL launch new attacks

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    British: Mujahideen WILL launch new attacks

    04 April 2002

    BAGRAM: British military officials have spoken of an imminent series of guerrilla strikes against Coalition forces and the Afghan interim government of Hamid Karzai, in the near future. British Major Tony de Reya, speaking at Bagram Airbase hours after the arrival of 100 British Commandos who have come to replace and reinforce American troops who were killed and wounded in the recent battles in Gardez, said that the Islamic groups in Afghanistan were in a "tactical pause" as they plan "the next phase of their campaign."

    The Major said that British and Coalition forces were more concerned about an uprising and staging of guerrilla attacks from native Afghans, as opposed to the foreigners. He said that it was easy to distinguish the foreign Mujahideen and their positions, but not so easy to spot the Afghans, who can blend away as normal villagers.

    The British Army has failed to learn from its mistakes in the 19th Century, when 14,999 soldiers of an original force of 15,000 British troops were killed, leaving Dr. William Bryden alive to tell the tale. It is said that the blood of the British remains on the rocks of Afghanistan. It has also failed to learn from the mistakes of the Soviet Union when it invaded Afghanistan in 1979 and the recent losses of the Americans in Gardez.

    Wars do not end with the capture or withdrawal of a few cities here and there, but they last for several years. Allah willing, these words will soon become apparent as the body count of the Coalition forces becomes so large that it cannot be hidden.

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    Don't you find it odd, that your enemies cherish life and take every possible step to avoid losses, and that you will intentionaly kill innocent people along with your own troops?
    I have always wondered how people can believe that they have succeded against the United States Armed Forces, when in our entire histoy of conflict, including the civil war, we have lost appox. 1,300,000 people, civilians included. Compare this to nations which attack us, and its staggering. In every single war since WWI, the American Kill ratio has been far above that of the enemy.


      thats probably because your government makes it up. From an early age your led to believe everything the american governemt tells you is the truth. At least we muslims admit our leaders are a bunch of corrupt lying b a s t a r d s imposed on us by america.... saddam was 'your boy' during the 80's after all :D
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        So are you saying that our government, which by the way, has saved the world from a dictator not once, not twice, but three times, is corrupt? And that we would fake our death count? I will give you the old Vietnam numbers were incorrect, but have sinced been changed. I might also add, that Israeli's and Palistine childern have been brought up in the same manner.
        Also, I do not believe eveything my government tells me, but I would certainly believe a government elected by its people that is supported by the same facts from other nations around the world more than one which in one breath calls for help from a nation, read Gulf War, and in the next condems it.


          so your saying that all those villages you dropped napalm on was done to cherish life? the US killed more south viatnamese (allies) than they did the viat gong.... aparantly you were killing 'hundreds' of em at every battle while taking 'amazingly low' casuties

          how was raping innocent 14 year old girls... saving lives.... of course you were 'cherishing' life

          western armies have a reputation of targeting innocent civilians... look at world war 2 where britian and germany carpet bombed each others nations!... at least when muslims fight we fight out side of cities on battle fields... or on montains, away from built up civilian areas.... but that dosent stop you from dropping bombs on hospitals, orphenages, mosques and schools

          stop beliveing all that [edited] bush tells you!! he doesnt give a toss about you or america.... he only cares about his friends like enron, UNICOL, and other big corporations... look at the tax cuts he promised you... they are all aimed at the rich (just search ANy newsite and they'll tell you 90% of the cuts are aimed at the rich).... that tax refund he gave you was just an advange tax rebait.... this year you aint gonna get much... cos he gave it to you last year ;)

          Thats how devious your leaders are... they think they can say one thing one day and another contraction the next... and theyll know youlll say nothing.... remember his crusade? a few days later he took it back....but spin doctors are useless against muslims,.... we knew wot he meant
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            and which 3 times were these?

            AMERICANS.... ALWAYS CHANGING HISORY... wasnt it america who liberated islamic spain in the 1400s? :D
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              As far as carbet bombing during WWII does, I have two comments.
              One, it was done because at the time that was the most advanced for of attack. How where they supposed to fight outside cities when there was an ocean between them?
              Second, and this is one I have been waiting for, prove to me that if the Taliban/Sympathetic Muslims had the technology to fight the was American Armed forces do, that they wouldn't. You know just as well as I do they would use everything we have and also purposly attack civilian targets.
              I know for a fact, that in post-Vietnam battles, every effort has been made to minimize civilian losses. They are unavoidable, but at least we try. Compare that to targeting malls, caffe's, churches, etc.
              As for dropping bombs on civilian targets, it called an accident. Our missles have a roughly 85% on target kill rate, which still leaves some room for error. This is due to improper intel., weather, mechanics, etc. Lets see you fight a war with that type of success rate.


                the taliban would not use these against civilians becasue they are motivated by islamic shariah law which forbids the targeting of civilians.... even kufir.... as you americans always keep repeating... these guys are fanatics... they would not violate these laws

                to muslims our law is precious cos its given to us by allah.... you americans make the law up as you go along (RE: ingnoring the geneva conventians.... so much for being civilised)
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                  I am not even going to bother proving that the Islamic terrorist/Taliban targets civilians on purpose.
                  Those three times:
                  WWI, without our equipment and intervention
                  WWII, self explanitory
                  Cold War, which if we "lost" would have left Russia in control of the Middle East
                  Oh, I forgot the Gulf War, which wouldn't really have lead to world domination, but would have lead to Iraq occupying much of the middle east, including palestine.
                  America liberating spain in the 1400's? DId you hit the wrong key? Or is this a joke I am not getting.


                    "America liberating spain in the 1400's? DId you hit the wrong key? Or is this a joke I am not getting."

                    this was a joke.... wasnt it obvious enough? then again you are a dumb yankee

                    think about it, a bit more.... spain discovered america....but your so aragont sooner or later some quack is gonna claim the opposite eg that film claiming that US decoded the enigma code in WW2

                    WWI = fought mainly by the britiash empire (arabia etc), cant remember wot u lot did.... probably joined in near the end of the war when the worst was over (cowards)

                    WWII = again fought mainly by the british empire (i should know by great grand dad fought in india), japan gave the whites a good ass kicking.... so they begged the indians to join in to ake on the japanese (US+UK saw them as supermen.... able to fight for 2 days in a blazing hot jungle with just a bowl of rice)..... US could'nt even beat them.... they had to resort to using the atom bomb when they got pissed off that the japs were still fighting a year after the britiash defeated germany.... with a 'lttle' bit of help from america

                    Cold war = the afghans and arabs defeated the evil empire cos the US knew they're red neck army was not upto the task..... they bankrupted the greatest army in 20th century history.... u do know that americas weapons cost many times more than the wot the russians used in the 80s, while the afghan technology is realtively cheap

                    Also pakistan was the driving force behind it.... its been recorded that at the time the CIA was getting cold feet as the pakistanis were getting a bit too aggressive and wanting to extend the war to deeper russian terratory, the CIA and america were just funding pakistan... which is great..... the middle east would not have been invaded by the russians.... they have a good working relationship with the arabs.... just the american trouble makers had an ego problem....[edited due to inappropriate content]
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                      Where did you get..

                      Where did you get that information?
                      WWI: It was a statlemate, in which Germany had far more resources and was admited by British commanders that they couldn't hold out much longer. American did wait to get involved, mostly because of our isolation policy at the time, however, when we did get involved, we had over a million man army in 3 months. Thats trained and supplied.
                      WWII: My god, where did you get that? Fought mainly by the British? Well, for the first half yes because German was attacking them, they weren't attacking America. Also, the invasion of Africa and Normandy would never have happened without the United States. I don't think you will find more than three people on this board who will disagree with me, if that much. Oh, and the reason we didn't attack Japan before Germany was because it was agreed that the steps to win the war were.
                      Secure British homeland
                      Fight a defensive war in the Pasific and an Offensive war in Europe
                      Only after a complete victory in Europe, fight an offensive war in the Pasific
                      That is from an actual document signed by British, French, and American leaders of the time.
                      The Cold War was much bigger than what you are talking about. You think Russia would have waited a second to use nuclear weapons if the United States wasn't there to stop them?



                        As for the enigma, is was a combination effort of British, American, and Nazi Turncoat scientist.


                          of course it was
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                            Of course it was what? Are you going to react to my statements at all?


                              i was just trying to be nice and humor you :D

                              of course at the source of every lie their is some truth.... but ive never herd of any american invlovement in breaking the enigma code...or any nazio turn coat.

                              im doing a degree in computer science and have been taught abt how it was broken... and never has any american involvement been mentioned

                              Alan Turing among other brits broke it at manchester uni.... and thus created the first working computer at manchester university.... you probably thought it was IBM :D

                              heres a link if you want to read more about alan turing and how HE broke the code:

                              dont worry i know hhow u lot on here dispise arab/muslim liks so here is a link to the bbc:

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