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The sirat bridge:

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  • The sirat bridge:


    The al-sirat is a long and narrow bridge that everyone will have to pass through before entering Heaven. It is believed to be a “bridge over Hell”. The Quran does not say anything about this bridge, except in Surah Maryam, which could possibly be referring to the bridge. In that verse it says,
    "There is not one of you ...but will pass over it: this is, with your Lord, a decree which must be accomplished" (Surah 19:71).

    It has been said that this bridge will be a reflection of ones life in this Dunyia. the more a person saves himself from evil actions the more it will be easier for him to pass over it.
    Judgement day on whole is going to be very hard but particularly this time will be harder than any other time.Thats why we do special Dua for the strength and help of ALLAH swt while crossing it.


    Narrated by Abu Sa'id Al-Khudri: We, the companions of the Prophet said, "O Allah's Apostle! What is the bridge?' He said, "It is a slippery (bridge) on which there are clamps and (Hooks like) a thorny seed that is wide at one side and narrow at the other and has thorns with bent ends. Such a thorny seed is found in Najd and is called As-Sa'dan. Some of the believers will cross the bridge as quickly as the wink of an eye, some others as quick as lightning, a strong wind, fast horses or she-camels. So some will be safe without any harm; some will be safe after receiving some scratches, and some will fall down into Hell. The last person will cross by being dragged over the bridge." (Sahih Bukhari- Volume 9, Book 93, Number 532)


    Prophet pbuh said, The Sirat Bridge will be set over Hell. The first prophet who will cross it with his nation will be I. [Bukhari]

    Then a bridge will be laid over the (Hell) Fire." Allah's Apostle added, "I will be the first to cross it. And the invocation of the Apostles on that Day, will be 'Allahukka Sallim, Sallim (O Allah, save us, save us!),' and over that bridge there will be hooks Similar to the thorns of As Sa'dan (a thorny tree). Didn't you see the thorns of As-Sa'dan?" The companions said, "Yes, O Allah's Apostle." He added, "So the hooks over that bridge will be like the thorns of As-Sa-dan except that their greatness in size is only known to Allah. These hooks will snatch the people according to their deeds. Some people will be ruined because of their evil deeds, and some will be CUT INTO PIECES AND FALL DOWN IN HELL, but will be saved afterwards, when Allah has finished the judgments among His slaves, and intends to take out of the Fire whoever He wishes to take out from among those who used to testify that none had the right to be worshipped but Allah.” (Sahi Bukhari- Volume 8, Book 76, Number 577)

    Prophet Muhammad said:"...As-Sirat (a bridge) will be laid across Hell and I (Muhammad) shall be the first amongst the Apostles to cross it with my followers. Nobody except the Apostles will then be able to speak and they will be saying then, 'O Allah! Save us. O Allah Save us.'..." -Sahih Bukhari 1:770


    1. RASOOLALLAH s.a.w.w:

    On the Day of Resurrection I will stand by the side of the Sirat Bridge and wait for my nation to cross it. Allahu ta'ala will say, "Ask for whatever you want. Intercede for whomever you wish, for your intercession will be accepted." After interceding for my nation, I will continue entreating, and I will not rise to my feet until He says, "Put all people into Paradise who said La ilaha ill-Allah once with ikhlas and died with faith.) [Imam-i Ahmad]


    Crossing the Sirat Bridge depends on everybody's light. Some will cross it in the twinkling of an eye; some, like lightning; some, like a falling star; some, like a running horse. He who has very little light will creep facedown. His hands and feet will slip, and he will cling to it again. At long last, he will break free from it by creeping and creeping.) [Tabarani]

    3. ANGELS:

    People will cross the bridge that will be over Hell. On the bridge will be thorny iron, hooks, and clasps, which will catch people from the right and left. The angels on the bridge will pray, "O my Allah, give salvation." Some will cross the bridge like lightning; some, like the wind; some, like a running horse; some, by running; some, by walking; some, by crawling; some, by creeping. As for those who will go to Hell, they will neither die nor attain a new life. After sinners burn in Hell as much as their sins, intercession for them [sinners] will be permitted.)[Bukhari]

    The Sirat is thinner than a hair and sharper than a sword. Angels will try hard to save Believers. Jabrail 'alaihis-salam will grip my waist, and I will pray, "O my Lord! Give salvation to my nation and rescue them." On that day many people who will slip and fall.) [Bayhaqi]


    Abu Sa'id al Khudri reported Allah's Messenger as saying: "When the believers pass safely over (the bridge across) Hell, they will be stopped at a bridge between Hell and Paradise where they will retaliate against one another for the injustices done among them in the world, and when they are purified of all their sins, they will be admitted to Paradise. By Him in Whose hands the life of Muhammad is, everybody will recognize his dwelling in Paradise better than he recognizes his dwelling in this world." (Sahih al-Bukhari, Fath Al-Bari)

    The Sirat is thinner than a hair and sharper than a sword. Angels will try hard to save Believers. Jabrail 'alaihis-salam will grip my waist, and I will pray, "O my Lord! Give salvation to my nation and rescue them." On that day many people who will slip and fall.) [Bayhaqi]
    (When a person who is obedient to Allahu ta'ala and who pays the right of his property comes to the Sirat on the Day of Resurrection, his property will say to him, "Pass over it because you paid Allah's right on me." Afterwards, a person who did not pay Allah's right on his property will come, and his property will say to him, "Why did you not pay Allah's right on me? He will mutter to himself, "Woe is me. What did I do?")[Bayhaqi]


    When Believers cross the Sirat, they will come across two springs. They will have a bath from one of the springs and will drink from the other. Thus, after attaining material and spiritual purity, they will come to the gate of Paradise. Angels will say, as it is stated in Zumar Sura,"Peace be upon you. Welcome! Enter here eternally." Then they will be clothed garments of Paradise, and all of them will go into Paradise. INSHALLAH!!

    {Source=borrowed from facebook}

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    Re: The sirat bridge:

    Ya Allah! Ihdina swiratal mustaqim, swiratal lladhina an 3amta 3allaihim ghairil maghdhubi 3allaihim walla dhwallin. Ameen


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      Re: The sirat bridge:



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        Re: The sirat bridge:

        Subhan Allah

        :jkk: for the reminder.
        "Innalilahi wa inna ilayhi rajioon" To Allah we belong and to Him we shall return." (Quran Surat Al Baqarah 2:156)
        "Every soul shall have a taste of death, then to us you will be ultimately returned." (Quran Surat Al Ankaboot 29:57)