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What is Terrorism to a Palestinians

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    What is Terrorism to a Palestinians

    Peace be upon you all,

    Israel labels terror at Palestinian resistance. I personally do not feel suicide bombings are justified at all. They are a cowardly menace at civilians, and hinder the Peace Process. Non-violent forms of resistance would be more effective.

    The occupation is terrorism itself.

    Extracts from "Occupation Will Bring More Terror"
    Wednesday, April 03 2002 @ 12:26 AM GMT
    By Dr. Maria C. Khoury

    "We have lived for the last 18 months with terror. For us terror means apache helicopters dropping bombs in our neighborhoods, F-16 jets dropping bombs and assassinating Palestinian leaders, Israeli soldiers invading homes and destroying everything in their site while looting, tanks firing rockets into schools, Israeli soldiers with machine guns preventing people from going to work and school, checkpoints in all the Palestinian cities and villages that cut them off from each other.

    Terror is when the ambulances can not get to injured people and take them to the hospital. Terror is when the Israeli army continues to demolish Palestinian homes leaving thousands of people homeless. For us living in the Holy Land, terror means the occupation that we feel and experience daily not having independence or any basic human rights.

    Terror to me means when the world is silent and allows Israel to be above all international laws and United Nation Resolutions.

    What does terror mean to you? "

    The complete article can be read at:
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    I couldn't agree with you more. Israel is as guilty of terrorism against the Palestinians as any Muslim fundamentalist group is guilty of it against Israel.

    I do not totally agree with our country's support of Israel and I feel that we should pressure Israel to stop building settlements, abandon the existing ones and withdraw to pre 67 boarders.

    Israel's brutality is starting to cause it to lose the support of many Americans and I think you will soon see a change in U.S. Foreign Policy.

    Now if the nut caseses in the Middle East start attacking the US (Militarily, Economically or through cowardly terrorist attacks) then you will see not only continued but increased support for Israel from the United State. This will result in only one thing, continued misery for the Palestinians and further Embarrassment to the Arab/Muslim world.
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      good article
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