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dua for traveling

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    dua for traveling

    Salaam wa alykum,

    I have a friend traveling to Egypt and he wanted to know the dua for a traveler. One that you say while in a plane, car, boat or whatever. If you happen to know it or a link to where i can read it in arabic please post it. Jazakum Allah Khair:D

    Re: dua for traveling

    Fortress of Muslim

    All forms of ad'iyya (du'a) including the one for travelling
    There is rest only in the aakhira.
    Man will rest in the aakhira according to how hard he strives in dunya.

    - Khaalid Ibn Al Waleed (ra) -

    If you find yourself in a time where speech is regarded as knowledge,
    and knowledge is regarded as deeds,
    then you are in the worst of times, with the worst of people.

    - Abu Hazim Al Ashja'i (ra) -

    I saw a dog without any clothes on .
    That's right, a nude dog.
    The Deepweb is disgusting.
    - Unknown -

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      Re: dua for traveling
      Narrated 'Abdullah bin 'Amir (ra) : 'Umar (ra) went to Sham and when he reached Sargh, he got the news that an epidemic (of plague) had broken out in Sham. 'Abdur-Rahman bin 'Auf (ra) told him that Allah's Apostle (saaw) said, "If you hear that it (plague) has broken out in a land, do not go to it; but if it breaks out in a land where you are present, do not go out escaping from it." (Book #71, Hadith #626 - Bukhari)


        Re: dua for traveling

        amazing guys.... :up: thanks