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One Sheesha Is Equivalent to Smoking 18 Cigarettes

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    Re: One Sheesha Is Equivalent to Smoking 18 Cigarettes

    Qatar: Seesha smoking among women rises alarmingly


    DOHA • Seesha smoking among women has shown an alarming increase in the country, in spite of warnings from physicians and other experts that it can be equally if not more harmful than smoking cigarettes.

    An Arabic daily spoke to a group of women sitting around in a Ramadan tent dragging away on seeshas. Twenty-eight-year-old Amani, said she first took up the seesha when she went out with a group of friends and started to imitate them in order not to feel left out.

    Amani said: "I then got used to it and have become a seesha smoker. Before that, I used to smoke cigarettes. I feel a woman has a right to do what she wants and I prefer smoking in front of everyone. It is better to do it in front of people rather tank keep a secret."

    S A said her mother was a heavy smoker, constantly with cigarette in hand. "Thus smoking was normal for me. When I felt stressed I started to smoke in order to relax and ease the tension. Now with the seesha, I find it difficult to quit smoking."

    Wafa, who works with a private firm here, stated that she, too, started smoking the seesha when she went out with friends and succumbed to peer pressure. "Now I am very eager to go to cafes where there are seeshas. My family, however, is unaware that I smoke."

    Another 28-year-old, private form employee Sawsan said she got into the habit three years ago. It had all started when she was engaged and her fiancée had offered her sheesha at a party. "Though my engagement has since broken, now I am still smoking," she said wistfully.

    There are several cafes in the city where women congregate to smoke the hubbly bubbly. Many of them are from well-known families and are not too keen on divulging their names. S L admitted it was a peculiar habit so she chooses to puff away in private. "It is not good for women to smoke the seesha, especially in a conservative society," she stated.

    Umm Fadi, a mother of three, took up the sheesha as a challenge to her husband. He used to make her prepare his seesha for him. Umm Fadi says: "There is a proverb saying that whoever prepares poison also takes it."

    She stated; "I felt challenged as I could not smoke like him. I started coughing when I first tried it but soon I became an expert. Now my husband has had to buy me a seesha of my own!"

    M W is now hooked on the seesha. "I started when I was 17-year-old with friends. Now I find it very difficult to give it up. I smoke now sitting in the privacy of my room and have my sister act as a lookout."

    However, more than worrying of having picked up a bad habit, M W is upset as she feels she is being exploited by her sister who asks for small favours and money to keep her sibling's secret.
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      Re: One Sheesha Is Equivalent to Smoking 18 Cigarettes

      Anti-smoking group warns against dangers of sheesha


      Doha • The Indian Anti Smoking Society(IASS) has expressed serious concerns on the spread of sheesha smoking among men and women in the country. The increasing number of sheesha cafes are pausing serious threat to the health and well-being of society and effective measures to curb this practice is need of the hour, the society officials said.

      Friends sitting together, talking and taking their turns of syrupy fruit-flavoured tobacco smoke from bubbling water pipes have once again become a common scene in Qatar, which was the first Arab country to ban smoking in public places.

      It is sad to see this evil habit is spreading very fast and especially the number of sheesha smokers are on rise during Ramadhan, the society officials said. Those who partake of the seesha thinking it is a safer option to cigarettes or other tobacco products are simply deluding themselves, Dr Abdul Rasheed, president of the society explained.

      The World Health Organisation had selected the theme Tobacco deadly in any form or disguise as the topic of discussion during the World No Tobaco Day 2006 and Sheesha was one of the main concerns of the topic, Dr Rasheed said.

      Most Seesha smokers have a misconception that the tobacco used in the Seesha’s herbal and does not affect the health. They forget the fact that while smoking hubble-bubble the aluminum foil, which is usually of poor quality, reacts with the burning charcoal and produced aluminum fumes that are carcinogenic, causing cancer.

      The amount of carbon dioxide inhaled through the Seesha smoke is very high compared to the cigarette smoking, he added. When smoke goes through water, humidity in the smoke increases and this tend suspend the smoke for a longer time in the lungs.

      There is a strong possibility of the presence bacteria mainly that causes tuberculosis, in the seesha pipe.

      Studies have also proved that the sheesha pipe could be a carrier of bacteria causing infectious diseases like Hepatitis A that can be easily transmitted when seesha pipe is used by multiple smokers, he said.

      People are justifying smoking the sheesha on the grounds it is supposedly less harmful than other forms of tobacco. They claim it is a safe alternative. But it is not al true and is not supported by medical researches.

      Special tents are setup during Ramadan for Sheesha smoking and even Non-smokers are being roped into taking up the sheesha, as they are led to believe that it helps in socialising.

      We are planning to launch a massive campaign to underline the evil effects of Sheesha smoking, the society officials said.
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        Re: One Sheesha Is Equivalent to Smoking 18 Cigarettes

        They got used to smoke sheesha long time ago, they know how died each member of family, thats why they doesn't consider to be dangerous. Its like an old custom from centuries, discovered in this years to be dangerous. I can understand them.
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          Re: One Sheesha Is Equivalent to Smoking 18 Cigarettes

          Originally posted by Blaster View Post

          All that crap is Haram!!!!!
          For real.


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            Re: One Sheesha Is Equivalent to Smoking 18 Cigarettes

            French health report smokes out shisha's deadly secret

            By Nina Muslim, Staff Reporter
            November 05, 2007

            Dubai: Efforts to ban shisha-smoking in public, included in the UAE draft anti-smoking law, have got a boost from a French report which found one shisha was equivalent to smoking 70 cigarettes.

            The French anti-tobacco agency (OFT), citing a national laboratory report, said one session with shisha produced 70 litres of smoke, which had 27 to 102 times the carbon tar of a cigarette, and 15 to 52 times more carbon monoxide, depending on the type of shisha smoked.

            Dr Wedad Al Maidoor, head of the Anti-Smoking Committee responsible for drafting the law, told Gulf News that the study confirmed their suspicions.

            "It gives a boost to our efforts. We always knew that shisha was dangerous, but we did not know by how much," she said.

            "Shisha is a very new field so there have been very few studies done on it," other than studies done in Saudi Arabia and Egypt, she added.

            Claims rubbished

            Shisha, deeply associated with Arabic culture, is popular in the UAE and a draw with tourists. Shisha cafe operators have protested the proposed ban, which will only allow shisha-smoking at home.

            They said the ban would adversely affect their business, the tourism industry and the economy. The proposal drew a mixed response from the public.

            Dr Wedad said pooh-poohed businesses' claims, saying the public shisha ban in Sharjah and GCC countries have shown no adverse impact on their economy. "Their economy is growing despite the ban. [In fact] we are behind them in implementing the ban," she said.

            She said the committee was working on an in-depth study on the draft law, requested by the Cabinet, addressed the possible effects of the ban on businesses, tourism industry and economy.

            It also addresses increasing taxes and displaying bigger warning signs on tobacco products, limiting advertisements of tobacco products and reducing exposure to tobacco smoke.

            Dr Layla Al Marzouqi, cardiologist at Dubai Hospital, hoped the findings would finally nail the health myths surrounding shisha.

            "People think it is less dangerous to smoke shisha, because the water is supposed to filter the smoke. But that's not true," she said.

            Anti-smoking: Draft law nears ratification

            The draft law is close to becoming law, with only one step left. It is currently at the Cabinet level, which has to endorse it before going to President His Highness Shaikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan for ratification.

            "After that, the law will pass," said Dr. Wedad Al Maidoor, head of the Anti-Smoking Committee.

            As a signatory to the World Health Organisation Framework Convention of Tobacco Control (WHO-FCTC), the UAE is required to pass legislation and implement the minimum requirements agreed upon to reduce access and limit exposure.

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              Re: One Sheesha Is Equivalent to Smoking 18 Cigarettes

              Originally posted by .: Anna :. View Post
              :shock: theres alcohol in coke?! and crisps? never knew that I never even knew there was more than 1 type of alcohol that they put in stuff... :stratch:
              There is natural alcohol in Milk, fruit, juice, and even yeast bread.
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                Re: One Sheesha Is Equivalent to Smoking 18 Cigarettes

                Originally posted by dour View Post
                There is natural alcohol in Milk, fruit, juice, and even yeast bread.
                its in alot more stuff than that.....medicine and cleaning products, perfumes and cosmetics....

                its not like your gonna get intoxicated by it though is it....

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                  Re: One Sheesha Is Equivalent to Smoking 18 Cigarettes

                  What I found shocking is that American nonmuslims have started to smoke sheesha as well.
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