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Leo Zagami Exposes the Secretive Muslim Illuminati

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  • Leo Zagami Exposes the Secretive Muslim Illuminati, Gulen is not mentioned anywhere so I sent Leo an email asking why this is. This is his reply, in verbatim: "Gulen is the Secret Master of the chain and Nazim the GrandMaster of the Naksibendi the visible one. A secret meeting took place in the begining of the 80's.with Gulen,Nazim and the father of Fatma to plan the future of the Chain of 40."
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    Thanks Ephilution
    We are all victims of Freemasonry, only........ YOU haven't figured it out yet. We at the Anti Corruption Party do not hate Masons or anybody, only ignorance and evil. Why do all Masons hide ? Give us a public register and ACP will show you why.

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    Re: Leo Zagami Exposes the Secretive Muslim Illuminati

    You should not be posting this information in public because my agent within the Muslim Illuminati told me just yesterday that the secret takeover of the Vatican by the Gulen movement is nearing completion!...muwahahahah *evil laugh* ll

    Come on, you seriously believe this rubbish?

    The Gulen movement teaches abc Islam to kids in Turkey, and if it was not for them most kids would not even know the kalima and 5 pillars, and here you are talking about how they are plotting to overthrow the secular establishment (good, i wish they were) but they are not that brave.

    After studying the history of Turkey and Islamic movement it is my personal opinion this is not a task (the overthrow of the secular regime in Turkey) which will happen until the Mahdi leads the liberation and Istanbul falls to the adhaan - and Allah knows best.

    As for Muslims infiltrating the Vatican or Priests secretly converting to Islam this is absolute rubbish. How can you be a Muslim and carry on Christian rituals? It would nullify your imaan to partake in pagan rituals like this, so what kind of a Muslim would that be?

    Stop reading this conspiracy crap and use your own head for once! Think!

    oh and Leo Zagami is a loser who is trying to cash in on the conspiracy craze, he even said "if they shoot me now you will know why!" aint nobody going to waste a bullet on that fool - we're in a friggin' recession!
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    Again and again will those who disbelieve, wish that they had bowed (to Allah's will) in Islam. (Koran 15:02)