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JUSTICE for 400 Million MUSLIMS in India

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    Re: JUSTICE for 400 Million MUSLIMS in India

    Ghulam Muhammed, Bombay, (ghulammuh ammed3 Manoj George wrote on June 5, 2008 a question:
    “Are Brahmins responsible for plight of Muslims in Pakistan and Bangladesh as well? Are they the cause of Muslim poverty in Africa or Muslim emigration into western countries?”
    Of course all the chief conspirators were the Brahmins, who were the collaborators/perpetrators of the division of united India, into Pakistan and Bangladesh. When Pakistan was partitioned, as a state it was born in bankruptcy. Pakistan was sold to Western imperialists, as a military outpost. The day Pakistan was founded; an emissary was sent by Jinnah to the US president to receive a cheque, to fund the newly born state. Who conspired this other than Jawaharlal Nehru, a Kashmiri Brahmin? His daughter used force to carve another supposedly weak and puppet nation of Bangladesh. The whole community of Muslims, which formed 30% of united India’s armed forces and other security agencies, was systematically destroyed; or they would have certainly made their own space in United India. The British and Jinnah were the front people to have initiated the move to partition India, but India was the biggest beneficiary of this partition. If Muslims in Pakistan, Bangladesh and even in India are backward, exploited and deprived, I will lay the blame on a Brahmin and its Machiavellian conspiracy against Muslims, as Brahmin love for India was merely a cover for the love of Brahmin dreams to rule India exclusively. Imagine how India was a closed country aligned with the Soviets, mainly to ward off the West’s imperialist designs on independent India or rather warding off of any ‘regime change’ by the West to unseat the uncompromising Brahmin. A Brahmin family was only protecting its own hegemony over India. Later, when India was finally opened, the ‘credit’ went to other Brahmins, now dancing to a different tune, to dethrone the old Brahmin family. Later it was Brajesh Mishra, Vajpayee, both Brahmins, who brought in first the American Jews, and later the Israelis to run the country once again as an enslaved nation. If Muslims were to write future history, they will characterize the 60 years of ‘Independent’ India as the Brahmin Age. Let us see, how fast their legacy gets dissipated as their injustices have hit the nadir and there is no redeeming signs on the horizon. Manoj George is bringing into discussions the subject of Muslims of Africa or Muslim emigration to West, which is not the main subject of the present discussion. Mercifully, Brahmins unlike Jews have tangled with Indian Muslim on the Indian subcontinent only. Though lately, they both, Brahmins and Jews seem to find quite fertile common grounds to cooperate and move against not only Indian Muslims, but the entire Muslim world. Nobody can deny that when an Indian American Jindal is introduced into the US election equations in the Republican quarters, against an Afro-American Barack Hussein Obama that is going to be widely demonized as a closet Muslim, a backroom proxy war is already on.


      Re: JUSTICE for 400 Million MUSLIMS in India

      Because he was a Muslim…..

      Submitted by Tarique Anwar on 2 July 2008 - 5:39pm. By Dr. M. Iqbal Siddiqui,
      “You people always do such things (bomb blasts),” said a senior officer of Rajasthan Police to Dr Amanullah Jamali, a Unani Medical Officer posted at a government health centre in the village of Bagri Nagar in Sojat Tehsil of Pali district.

      On Saturday, 19th May 2008, Dr Amanullah was heading towards his residence at Sojat Road in a bus when a police ‘Gypsy’ came near the bus and a policeman from it asked him to get down the bus and ride the gypsy. When he asked where he was being taken and for what crime, one of the policemen said there was nothing to worry, only a few queries regarding his passport. He kept quiet. Then he was taken to Beawar Police Station and finally to Alwar Gate Police Station in Ajmer where he was kept detained for three days.
      His sole crime was that he was a Muslim and, by chance, he was in Jaipur on the day of the serial bomb blasts for his personal work at the Board of Indian Medicine. By the way, there were about 40 lakh people in Jaipur on the same day.
      “Go! Stand in that corner,” asked a constable in harsh voice, “sit down on the ground,” another ordered. Amanullah was a bit afraid of the situation so he followed the commands. Then he was taken inside a room and searched thoroughly after being stripped to underwear as if he had committed some big crime. Then the investigation began “Miyan (a negative attribute given to a Muslim), tell the truth otherwise, I will book you for the Jaipur blasts and put the whole blame upon you,” asked a policeman.
      He was kept in the Alwar Gate Police Station for three days where he had to sleep on a dirty mat in a room filled with ants. He had to pray on the floor. He was not permitted to go for Friday Prayer. He was abused frequently and also slapped on his face and beaten with the police ‘danda’. When his brother and brother-in-law came to the police station on Saturday for his release, they were also detained for the night. On fourth day they were all set free with a warning that Amanullah’s position was still suspicious so he should not talk much about his detention and must not face the media. Otherwise he would be at the receiving end as they (the police) have ‘power’.
      When the Jamaat-e-Islami Hind’s state president Er. Mohd. Saleem contacted the police officials on telephone they denied any detention, but when he threatened to raise the matter before the higher authorities the officer on the telephone line immediately said that Dr. Amanullah has been released and he can be contacted on telephone. However, the contact with him could be established only after four hours.
      More than one month after the blasts in Jaipur, the situation is that every practising Muslim is ‘suspicious’. They have detained and released about 7 to 8 persons so far as we know, suspecting them to be involved in the blasts. The investigating agencies are still groping in dark. It seems that they are not searching for the real culprits of the blasts. Instead, they are working ‘honestly’ on some foreign secret agencies’ agenda of branding and profiling Muslims as terrorists.
      (The author is media cell in-charge of Rajasthan Jamaat-e-Islami Hind. He can be contacted at [email protected])


        Re: JUSTICE for 400 Million MUSLIMS in India

        Muslim tenants facing rejection from Hindu landlords in Delhi

        Submitted by kamran on 6 July 2008 - 5:22pm.
        By Mumtaz Alam Falahi,,
        New Delhi: Is being a Muslim itself a cause of suspicion? Yes, at least in Delhi where Muslims are suspected not only by the police but also a majority of the majority community. The case becomes crystal clear when it comes to renting flats in the city where Muslim ruled for about 1,000 years.
        Meet Naqueeb Ahmad, 24, a promising IT engineer. He works with HCL, a premier computer software company. His office is in Noida, some 15 km from New Delhi’s Jamia Nagar area where he lives in a two-room flat. With good salary and a well-known company tag, he wanted to reside in some posh areas but he landed in Jamia Nagar, one of the largest Muslim ghettoes in Delhi.
        Why? “I tried to get a two-room flat in Chirag Dilli area, got one and had the first meeting with owner of the flat over rental,” says Ahmad, a bachelor planning to be engaged this year talking to Everything was going well. “The flat was fine and the rate was affordable, too. The owner offered me tea and during conversation he absent-mindedly asked my name. When he knew I am a Muslim that was enough to seal the deal. He said he would rent to a family, not bachelors. He forgot that in the beginning of the talks he had said he had no problem with bachelors,” recounts Ahmad.
        Ahmad also tried to get a rented flat in Pushp Vihar, Connaught Place and South Extension localities but everywhere his application was turned down on one ground or the other. Shocked by the discrimination, he went to Connaught Place area, not alone but with a Hindu friend. But in vain. In South Extension area which is more popular for markets but has some residential flats, Ahmad had a Sikh friend Manpreet Singh. He wanted to share his room. His friend agreed but when the lady owner of the flat came to know about it, she denied saying that the Muslim would be a non-vegetarian.
        Not only Naqueeb Ahmad, there are many Ahmads who are facing humiliation from Hindu homeowners in Delhi.
        Ahmad’s friend Faheem is a System Administrator at an MNC. He lived in Sarita Vihar area that is near the Apollo Hospital where his elder brother works as a physician. In the wake of growing anti-Muslim feeling following terrorist bombings for which Muslims are accused by default, Faheem and his brother were asked by the flat owner to vacate it without giving any reason.
        Not only a particular area but entire Delhi is playing stranger to Muslims. To gauge the situation, Abhishek Sharan of Hindustan Times set out for a flat in posh colonies. He assumed the identity of one Imran Sheikh, a software professional from Aligarh. Wherever he went with this identity for a rented accommodation, be it Malviya Nagar, Vasant Kunj or Model Town, he failed. He revealed it in an article.
        In Malviya Nagar he got a flat and over final talks when he revealed his identity, the owner had a quick, furtive look at him and denied. The broker later told him that the owner is a conservative and does not want to give flat to a Muslim.
        In Vasant Kunj area the broker grilled him on the phone about his education, background and company and when he came to know he was Imran Sheikh he tried to cut the line instantly but being persisted for the reason he said he would have to get his identity particulars verified by the local police, by the Aligarh police and also by the employer.
        This is not the process in practice. Generally a tenant has to fill a single form comprising his identity particulars which are meant to be verified by local police.
        In Model Town, the flat owner after knowing he is a Muslim asked about passport. When Imran Sheikh (Abhishek Sharan) said he did not one, the owner said he had to get one.
        Notwithstanding what politicians say and how many welfare programs the government announces, the ground reality is that Muslims are being victimized. And this is resulting in ghettoisation.
        According to 2001 Census, 16,23,520 Muslims are in Delhi. An overwhelming majority of them are living in ghettoes like Jamia Nagar, Okhla, Nizamuddin and Seelampur. A sizeable chunk of the Muslim community lives in the Walled City area that includes Jama Masjid ara, Chandni Chowk, Ballimaran, Darya Ganj and Matia Mahal.
        The Muslim legislators who are in the Delhi government today represent these ghettoes: Perwez Hashmi (Okhla), Chaudhry Mateen Ahmad (Seelampur), Shoaib Iqbal (Matia Mahal) and Haroon Yusuf (Ballimaran).
        The hatred Muslim tenants facing at the hands of Hindu landlords is mainly because of the anti-Muslim atmosphere created in the wake of terror attacks in Delhi and other parts of the country. For this credit should go to the police and media, particularly electronic media which present suspects as convict.


          Re: JUSTICE for 400 Million MUSLIMS in India

          AASU to launch agitation against influx

          GUWAHATI, July 9 – The All Assam Students Union (AASU) on Wednesday declared vigorous and continuous agitation across the State accusing the Central and the State Government of failing to deport illegal Bangladeshis even after the scrapping of the IM(DT) Act nearly three years back. In a landmark judgement, the Supreme Court had scrapped the IM(DT) Act on July 12 in 2005 acting on the petition of former AASU president Sarbananda Sonowal.

          Slamming the Congress, the AASU said that all the developments taking place in the State including the release of seven arrested ISI personnel who were in jail for want of proof, were enough to testify that the party was acting as the saviour of the Bangladeshis, ISI and the fundamentalist forces.

          Addressing media persons, the functionaries of the student body, adviser Dr Samujjal Bhattacharya, president Sankar Prasad Rai and general secretary Tapan Kumar Gogoi warned that the AASU would resist all attempts to provide safeguard to the illegal Bangladeshis. “The Congress Government has failed to honour the verdict of the Supreme Court which has compelled us to start our agitation again to save Assam from the Bangladeshis,” said Dr Bhattacharya regretting that the Congress Government has totally ignored the crucial issues like sealing the border, providing constitutional safeguards to the indigenous communities in the State, update of the NRC and implementation of the provisions of the Assam Accord.

          Bhattacharya informed that the agitational programme of the student body would commence from July 12, the day of the Supreme Court ruling in connection to the IM(DT) Act.

          The war of the AASU against the illegal Bangladeshis would be announced through the sound of traditional instruments and holding of protest meeting in every district on the occasion of three years completion of the scrapping of the IM(DT) Act.

          From July 15 to 22, the AASU will hold organizational meetings on the issue of illegal Bangladeshis and its agitational programme.

          The student body is also going to hold a series of public meetings from July 25 on the issue of illegal Bangladeshis and the first public meeting would be held at Sivasagar district.

          “The main issue in State politics is the issue of Bangladeshis and unfortunately for the people of the State, the illegal Bangladeshis now have a decisive influence on State politics,” said the AASU.


            Re: JUSTICE for 400 Million MUSLIMS in India

            Donkupar lays stress on economic ties with Bangla
            From Raju Das -
            SHILLONG, July 9 – Meghalaya Chief Minister Donkupar Roy today reiterated that economic links with neighbouring Bangladesh need to be put on the fast track for overall development of Meghalaya.

            Speaking at Jail Road Boys’ School, here today, Roy said the education sector in Meghalaya would stand to gain with improved ties with Bangladesh.

            He informed that many students from Bangladesh were already studying here, adding, the numbers could be increased with better ties with Bangladesh.

            The State education policy which was in a formative stage, he said, would help in bettering the education sector of Meghalaya once implemented.

            “Shillong with its educational centres provides excellent opportunities for students from Bangladesh to further their studies, instead of going to far-off countries and other Indian States,” Roy said.

            The Chief Minister informed that he was in touch with other Northeastern States to go on an official trip to Dhaka to cement relations with that country.

            “Hopefully, the trip would be undertaken sometimes in September this year, if things move smoothly,” he said optimistically.

            Roy has been a staunch advocate of improving ties with Bangladesh. He even went to the extent of stating that an enhanced trade link with Bangladesh was a better option than the much-talked about Look East Policy.

            Roy, a native of Shella bordering Bangladesh, hoped that friendly trade links with the neighbouring nation would be restored as in the past when border haats (weekly markets) were thriving business centres for residents of the border areas of both nations.


              Re: JUSTICE for 400 Million MUSLIMS in India

              Bombay riots of 1992-93: Shiv Sena leader convicted, gets bail within an hour

              Submitted by kashif on 10 July 2008 - 3:19pm.
              By Md. Ali,
              Mumbai: What if not a mockery of justice that victims of the 1993 Mumbai riots wait for justice for 16 years but an accused is convicted and gets bail within an hour. This is what happened on 9th July in Mumbai when former Shiv Sena MP Madhukar Sarpotdar was convicted by a Special Court for his inflammatory speeches that led to rioting.
              With the judgement, Sarpotdar, sitting MLA from Kherwadi, has become first leader from Shiv Sena to be convicted for his inflammatory speeches. He was convicted along with two other Shiv Sena activists, Jaywant Mahadev Parab and Ashoke Shinde in this case by Special Court Magistrate R C Bapat Sarkar. They were awarded a year’s simple imprisonment and a fine of Rs 5,000 each. However, the magistrate granted them bail allowing them to appeal in a sessions court by August 16.
              Sarpotdar and other two have been convicted under section 153-A of the IPC. They were convicted for rioting, unlawful assembly and “promoting enmity in different religious groups.”
              According to media reports during the Bombay riots in Bandra, there were rumors of a Ganesh idol being desecrated in a temple in Bandra.
              On December 27, 1992, Sarpotdar led a five thousand-strong mob through Nirmal Nagar and Kherwadi in Bandra to the Ganesh Temple. He made provocative speeches in the temple during the reinstallation of the Ganesh idol in that temple. Soon after, the mob turned violent and rioted.
              The way some of the witnesses in this case behaved during the hearing reveal pressures on the witnesses as it was a high-profile case.
              Out of six witnesses (five of them police officers) of this case, only three identified Sarpotdar. One of the witnesses, a police constable, told the court that he had lost his memory in 2004, and thereby won’t be able to recall the incident.
              However, it was Inspector Madhav Khanolkar whose witness statements and support of the prosecution made the case strong against Sarpotdar. Now retired from the post, Khanolkar was on duty when the case was registered. He claimed that he had heard Sarpotdar and others making provocative speeches aimed at flaring the communal feelings of the Hindus against the Muslims.
              The Shri Krishna Commission had also noted that Saptodar’s activity during the reinstallation ceremony of the Ganesh idol was communally provocative.
              This was the most high profile of all the 148 riot cases of 1992-93 that have been reopened by the state government and sent for a trial to a special magistrate’s court.
              It should be noted that this was only the third post-Babri Masjid demolition riot case in the city, which ended in conviction.


                Re: JUSTICE for 400 Million MUSLIMS in India

                Muslim intellectuals opposed to associating nuke deal with Muslims

                Submitted by Tarique Anwar on 12 July 2008 - 5:30pm.

                By staff reporter,
                Aligarh (Uttar Pradesh): The most painful thing emerging out of the debate on the Indo-US nuclear deal is that this sensitive issue is being presented as a clash of interests between Muslims and non-Muslims, said Prof. Mohammad Shamim, president of Intellectual Forum for Secular Democracy and Social Justice.
                A programme entitled “Indo-US Nuclear Deal: From Muslim Point of View” was held by the organization in Women's Polytechnic at Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) yesterday.
                Expressing his views, Prof. Mohammad Shamim said Indo-US nuclear deal is a national issue but some political parties have opposed the deal by associating it with Muslim interests whereas the very same political parties are not ready to do anything for Muslims' welfare when they are in power. He said his organization condemns efforts to associate the national issue with Muslim interests only.
                President of Minority Council Farhat Usmani said the pros and cons of this deal should be discussed at country level because the deal is going to affect the future of this country. This issue has nothing to do with religion and the people opposing the deal by dragging Muslims into the issue are not only proving their mental sloth but also spreading hatred. He said the tragic aspect of the issue is that a few Maulvis also want to transform it into a Muslim issue but this trend must be condemned. He said Muslims are equally respected citizens of this country and they also have the right to express their opinion on the issue as a citizen but associating this sensitive issue with religion is wrong.
                Dr. Mujibul Haq said the United States has never honoured its agreements with other countries. It keeps its own interests supreme in both friendship and enmity. This is one of the reasons why the deal is being opposed in India.


                  Re: JUSTICE for 400 Million MUSLIMS in India

                  Muslims in India in better conditions compared to minorities worldover: London-based Dr Javed Akhtar

                  Submitted by Tarique Anwar on 12 July 2008 - 5:32pm.

                  By staff reporter,
                  Gaya (Bihar): In spite of all sorts of discrimination in India, the position of Indian minorities is far better in comparison to minorities in other countries, said London-based cardiologist Javed Akhtar addressing a student gathering in the city yesterday.
                  Muslims in India have got full liberty and the right to equality at par with majority community, he said. In this case, if we secure some distinguished place in the field of education, we can establish our identity on the global map, he said while addressing the students of Abdul Hameed Minority Hostel in Gaya during his short stay in the country. But for the community to get that position, its students will have to become fully aware of their responsibility and obtain education whole heartedly and diligently.
                  In his speech, the eminent cardiologist said that in spite of better opportunities of education in India, Educational backwardness among Muslims is extremely depressing. He said although the Holy Qur'an and Hadith are full of injunctions for obtaining knowledge, Muslims community is lagging behind others in this field.
                  The eminent cardiologist advised the imams of mosques to motivate people for obtaining education on every Friday and on the occasion of every ijtima. He said the rich people of the community should stop child labour that is rampant among poor and labourers and make arrangements for their education.


                    Re: JUSTICE for 400 Million MUSLIMS in India

                    Foundation stone of new Delhi Haj House uprooted by ‘Shiv Sainiks’

                    Submitted by Tarique Anwar on 15 July 2008 - 5:51pm.
                    By staff reporter,
                    New Delhi: The fear of what happened yesterday with the planned new Haj House in Dwarka area of the capital was voiced by Muslims earlier. About five dozen Shiv Sainiks allegedly uprooted the foundation stone of the planned building. Chief Minister Sheila Dik**** had laid foundation on 8th July.
                    The miscreants also broke the main gate of the campus and grills, they were sloganeering “if no land for Amarnath Shrine, no land for Haj House in Delhi”, says a report published in the Urdu daily Rashtriya Sahara.
                    The police have registered an FIR against Shiv Sena and some unnamed persons in the Dwarka Sector 23 police station and security personnel have been deployed at the site.
                    According to the report, the miscreants attacked the site around 8 in the morning and about half an hour they were breaking and destroying whatever they found at the site. As soon as the news spread a few hundred Muslims from neighbouring colonies gathered at the spot. Soon some Haj Committee officials including CEO Sharon Bagaria and committee member Muhammad Shakeel Saifi reached there.
                    Talking to on phone, Saifi said he is receiving threats as he had filed the FIR.


                      Re: JUSTICE for 400 Million MUSLIMS in India

                      Originally posted by afdal View Post
                      First they came for the 'Terrorists', and I did not speak out.
                      Then they came for the fundraisers, and I did not speak out.
                      Next they came for the ulama, and I did not speak out.
                      And then they came for me.


                        Re: JUSTICE for 400 Million MUSLIMS in India

                        Imran (17), only bread earner of his family, killed pointblank by Indore police

                        Submitted by Tarique Anwar on 17 July 2008 - 6:04pm.
                        By Md. Ali,,
                        When Mehrun Nisa bade Imran goodbye to work she never knew that next time instead of receiving her son, she would get his dead body. According to Imran’s family, he was killed by two policemen at point blank around 11am on 3rd July 2008.
                        Imran, a 17-year-old boy and a resident of Hina Colony in Khujrana, a Muslim ghetto in Indore, was working as a painter near his home. On the day when there emerged a disturbing noise from some mobs, the contractor told him to go home.
                        It was the day when the Hindutva group Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) had given a call for "Bharat Bandh" against the withdrawal of the forest land to the Amaranth Shrine Board by the Jammu and Kashmir Government.
                        Imran was told by his contractor to go home because at that time the VHP activists have allegedly entered some Muslim dominated areas and enforced the "Bandh" leading to a clash between them and the Muslims.
                        Because of the instigation and provocation of the Muslims by the VHP and the biased attitude of the police the backlash later on took the form of full-fledged riots.
                        On his return from work Imran was with his younger brother Shahrukh. Both were called by the accused policemen. They took the elder of the two, Imran, and dragged him on the road first and then inserted the gun inside his mouth and shot, leading to his death on the spot.

                        Shahrukh (right) carries the body of his elder brother
                        Abdul Rafeeq, father of Imran, talked to about the difficulties that his family is facing since Imran's murder.
                        He said that the family got this news at 1 pm. Imran's mother out of desperation and panic went to the police station but the policemen threw rocks at her and told her to go home because they don't have the body of her son. They visited many hospitals to find their dead son but could find his body on the next day.
                        Abdul Rafiq informed that initially he was being given Imran's dead body without its postmortem, but he refused and insisted on the medical report after which the concerned authorities conducted autopsy of Imran's body.
                        Imran belongs to a very poor family. He was the only earning hand of the family of nine. His father who used to drive vehicles in local area is uanable to work because of some problems in his spinal cord since last two years. In Imran's absence, says Abdul Rafiq, the family does not have sufficient food even to feed the relative who are visiting to console the family.
                        Abdul Rafiq couldn't control himself and broke down on the phone describing the body of his son and how mercilessly he was murdered by the people who are supposed to be the protector of citizens.
                        How poor Imran's family is and how many problems they are facing can be assessed by what his father had to say: “Now no one can bring Imran back but only if I am provided with any job or something so that the family of eight could survive."
                        There are various questions which need to be raised as far as this case is concerned.
               got to know that the FIR of the case has been registered but there has not been any mention of the two policemen who murdered Imran mercilessly. Although there has been a witness, Shahrukh, of Imran's murder and who can identify the accused but the report has been registered against the "anonymous” culprits.
                        Imran's father said that he is a poor person without any political and financial strength and it is questionable that anybody would dare to raise this matter when the culprit is the administration itself.
                        When the National Commission for Minorities (NCM) delegation visited riot-hit areas in Indore two days ago, a delegation of People's Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) met the NCM team. It put up the case of Imran among other cases before the NCM.
                        The NCM team told the delegation that although it does not have any constitutional power to punish anyone but it has noted down the case separately. It will treat the case as a special case because Imran was shot at point blank and the police appear to be involved in the issue.

                        Imran's body lying on the street
                        The delegation appealed to NCM that Imran’s family should be provided with support and security. Sharukh, who is the witness in this case, is a living threat to the police and the administration. It may attempt to harm him.
                        NCM chairperson Mohamed Shafi Qureshi told the delegation that in the meeting of the full bench of the Commision in Delhi, it will decide what to do with the case, and whether the eyewitnesses in Imran's case need to be called to Delhi.
                        The eyewitnesses in other cases are turning hostile because of the threat and pressure on them by the administration. So Shafi Qureshi instructed the SP and DM to provide them with security.
                        But is police capable of protecting witnesses to its own involvement of the killings of the innocent?
               contacted the People's Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) and asked about the future steps that the PUCL team is planning to take in Imran murder case.
                        PUCL team said that one has to take every step in this case cautiously, because the police is the direct culprit in the case.
                        It first first of of all wants to read the postmortem report of Imran's body, and then it will consult the legal experts on how to take up the case.
                        That Imran's family and all the victims of the Indore riots get justice will, to a large extent, depend on the attitude of the BJP government and the local administration towards the case.
                        The real issue at stake here is justice, be it the case of Imran's murder or the killing of Anwar Patel and the Sindhi Khen Chand Mafija.
                        It becomes important because there have been various proposals by many people that we should forgive the police persons who "unconsciously made some mistakes".
                        They argue that punishing the police would amount to discourage their morale because after all they managed to control the riots and bring peace in the riot torn areas. The Peace Committees are filled with representatives of the political parties prominently BJP and the Congress.
                        Although it is really debatable that to what extent the family of Imran, even at the risk of their lives, would go to fight against the inhumanities and brutalities of the administration committed on the name of "bringing peace" and "controlling the riots", one thing is very much clear. That only the collective support of the civil society throughout the country, timely implementation of the recommendation of the National Commission for the Minorities along with the proper representation by the media can help the victims of the Indore riots including the family of Imran.


                          Re: JUSTICE for 400 Million MUSLIMS in India

                          Ex-DGP RB Sreekumar who took on Gujarat govt. to protect law and human rights

                          Submitted by Mudassir Rizwan on 20 July 2008 - 6:37am.

                          By Kashif-ul-Huda,,
                          R B Sreekumar has three masters degree in his business card, and he can thank Narendra Modi for his degrees. Not long ago Sreekumar retired as Additional Director General of Police of Gujarat. He was denied a promotion by the Gujarat government and he could not become Director General of Police.
                          As an IPS officer, Sreekumar started his police career in Gujarat in 1972 and worked there till his retirement in 2005. As head of intelligence, he was given several instructions by politicians and police officers which he considered illegal and meticulously recorded in a semi-official diary. He gave affidavits and reports to National Human Rights Commission, Central Election Commissions and Nanavati Commission going against the official government line angering the state government.
                          Soon after, he was transferred to a position where he had no responsibility and no job to do and therefore he made good use of his time and got himself additional masters degree.
                          He was recently on a tour of the United States attending American Federation of Muslims of Indian Origin (AFMI) convention in New York and talks in various cities sponsored by Indian Muslim Council-USA (IMC-USA).
                 talked to RB Sreekumar about the change in Gujarat society that led to post-Godhra violence. He says small issues between people and community that can get easily resolved at the local level become nationalized and communalized making it difficult for easy resolution.
                          When asked how we can tell if Gujarat violence of 2002 was pre-planned, he informs that Muslim businesses that had Hindi names and even displayed Hindu deities were attacked, suggesting that information about businesses must have been gathered months in advance.
                          He also talks about how policemen’s action or inaction that leads to tense situations getting out of hand. He wants police officers to have strong conscience and be brave while doing their job. The worst that can happen to government officials is that you will be transferred but personal discomfort is a small price to pay for holding the law and the constitution.
                          As for RB Sreekumar, he fought a legal battle against the Gujarat government and was promoted as Director General of Police after his retirement. He lives in Gandhinagar and is working actively for justice to the victims of Gujarat genocide.


                            Re: JUSTICE for 400 Million MUSLIMS in India

                            When asked how we can tell if Gujarat violence of 2002 was pre-planned, he informs that Muslim businesses that had Hindi names and even displayed Hindu deities were attacked, suggesting that information about businesses must have been gathered months in advance.
                            How can a Muslim Businesses have Hindu deities ??????


                              Re: JUSTICE for 400 Million MUSLIMS in India

                              Shiv Sena activists enter Taj, pray inside

                              By IANS,
                              Agra/Lucknow : A group of Shiv Sena activists, including three women, entered the Taj Mahal complex and prayed within the precincts Thursday. They were taken into custody and later released.
                              Around 10 Shiv Sena activists bought tickets and entered one by one into the Taj Mahal complex in the afternoon. They performed some kind of 'parikrama' (walked around the monument) of the main structure with folded hands. They were forced to stop when security personnel noticed them wearing saffron scarves. A minor scuffle ensued after which the police took them to the Taj Ganj thana.
                              They were released in the evening.
                              The Shiv Sena claims the 17th century monument is actually a Shiva temple.
                              However, senior home department and police officials in Lucknow and Agra have denied the incident.
                              Inspector-General of Police (Agra zone) Gurbachan Lal told IANS: "The Central Industrial Security Force, which is in charge of Taj security, frisked some persons on suspicion and nothing objectionable was found on them."
                              "Such an incident has not happened and no arrests have been made at all," Lal categorically said. "They were some local people and all had a valid entry ticket," he added.
                              In Lucknow, Principal Secretary (Home) Mahesh Gupta and Additional Director-General of Police Brij Lal told reporters that some "Shiv Sainiks tried to enter the mausoleum but no such incident (puja) took place inside the premises."
                              The station house officer Taj Ganj, Raj Kumar Sharma, also denied any puja was performed by the Shiv Sena activists.
                              "Nothing of the sort happened. There is zero percent truth in their claims. District Magistrate Anil Kumar also came. The Shiv Sena group was escorted by the police and the CISF personnel. They neither performed arti nor any puja. I have apprised all the seniors of the whole affair."
                              However, the Shiv Sena activists and others who saw them say the group did enter and performed whatever puja they could. Later, they interacted with the TV channel reporters there.
                              The police officials and the Archaeological Survey of India personnel say the people "committed no crime" and therefore no action could be taken against them.
                              Conflicting reports apart, people are still not clear what the top police officials and the administrative officers, including the district magistrate, were doing at the Taj, if no such incident took place there.
                              The Shiv Sena had announced earlier that its activists would perform puja and aarti on every Monday during the month of Shravan, considered auspicious for the worship of Hindu god Shiva. On Monday, they were prevented from entering the Taj premises. They later performed the puja at the Taj corridor.
                              Vinoo Lavania, Shiv Sena chief in Agra, said they had gone to the Taj Mahal as ordinary citizens of India and felt like praying. "So, what's wrong with that," he asked.
                              R.K. Dixit, Archaeological Survey of India's in-charge of the Taj Mahal, told IANS: "They came in a group as ordinary citizens and purchased tickets. We were with them all the time along with the Taj Ganj police station in-charge. With folded hands they went towards the mosque and went back. How could we have prevented their entry as they did nothing objectionable."
                              "I don't know why such a hullabaloo is being made about it. They told me their programme is for Mondays and had come today just to see the Taj Mahal."



                                Re: JUSTICE for 400 Million MUSLIMS in India

                                AIMPLB withdraws demand for special CBI court for Babri Masjid demolition case

                                Submitted by kashif on 25 July 2008 - 5:53pm.
                                By staff reporter
                                Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh): All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) has withdrawn its demand that the Babri Masjid demolition case wherein Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders Lal Krishna Advani and Murli Manohar Joshi besides six others are accused, should be heard by a special CBI court in Lucknow.
                                The AIMPLB will not insist on its demand that the state government should issue notification for beginning the case in the special CBI court. Other accused in the case include Vinay Katiyar, Sadhavi Rithambara and Uma Bharati.
                                A similar case wherein 49 people including Lal Krishna Advani are accused is already pending in a special CBI court in Rae Bareli. Witnesses of the case are being recorded in the court and only three witnesses have been recorded so far, though 15 years have passed since the case was registered. Judging from the pace at which the case has been moving, it cannot be guessed when the verdict shall be delivered.
                                When asked about the withdrawal, legal advisor of AIMPLB advocate Zafaryab Jilani said if AIMPLB keeps insisting and the government accedes to their demand, the case will be opened afresh and it is for this reason that the Board has dropped its demand.
                                Earlier, in 2002, Advani and others in his group had challenged an application filed in Allahabad High Court to the same effect, and the honourable judge dismissed it on the plea that the special court in Lucknow cannot hear this case on technical grounds, adding that the government can issue a fresh notification, if it wants that the case be heard in Lucknow and no time limit will be binding for this. But no notification has been issued till date and this only casts doubts over government’s intentions, though AIMPLB continued representing the case before the government.
                                After Mulayam Singh government, Mayawati came to power in Uttar Pradesh in 2007. AIMPLB placed the same demand before her but even after seeing inaction by her, the Board decided to withdraw its demand.