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JUSTICE for 400 Million MUSLIMS in India

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    Re: JUSTICE for 400 Million MUSLIMS in India




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      Re: JUSTICE for 400 Million MUSLIMS in India

      Togadia threatens stir over Ranganath Mishra panel report

      By IANS,

      Ahmedabad: Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) leader Pravin Togadia threatened a nationwide agitation if the government made any move to implement the report of the Ranganath Mishra Commission for reservation for Muslims and other minorities. "It is anti-constitutional, anti-national and anti-Hindu," he alleged.

      Togadia, VHP secretary general, condemned the report terming it as against the spirit of the founding fathers of the Indian constitution and said if implemented, it would particularly be damaging to the interests of the vulnerable sections of Hindu society.

      "Implementation of such a report is set to encourage religious conversions, particularly among the Scheduled Castes, the Scheduled Tribes and other backward classes to take advantage of this development," he said.

      "The present government is trying to undo the conscious decision of the constituent assembly not to provide for religion-based reservation."

      "The implementation of the report will mean death for the Hindu SCs, STs and OBCs and their children," he added.
      Minority commission seeks 10 percent job quota for Muslims
      By IANS,

      New Delhi : A government-appointed committee tasked to study the status of religious and linguistic minorities says these communities are "under-represented" and "sometimes wholly unrepresented" in government jobs and has recommended that 10 percent government posts be reserved for Muslims.

      The report of the National Commission on Religious and Linguistic Minorities, headed by Justice Ranganath Mishra, former chief justice of India, was tabled in the Lok Sabha Friday amid noisy scenes.

      Stressing that education was the "most important requirement for improving the socioeconomic status of backward sections among religious minorities", the report says that literacy levels of Muslims and Buddhists were low and next to Scheduled Castes (SC) and Scheduled Tribes (ST).

      "Educational levels of religious minorities vary considerably from one community to the other. While educational level of Jains, Christians and Parsis is higher, that of Muslims and Buddhists is low and is next to SC/ST," according to the 449-page document in two volumes.

      "Since the minorities - especially the Muslims - are very much under-represented, and sometimes wholly unrepresented, in government employment, we recommend that they should be regarded as 'socially and educationally' backward in this respect within the meaning of that term as used in the constitution," says the report, which was presented to the government in 2007.

      Recommending that 15 percent of posts in all cadres and grades under the central and state governments should be earmarked for minorities, the commission specifically says that 10 percent of that should be reserved for Muslims, which form the largest -- 73 percent -- share of the minority population in India.

      "The remaining five percent (should be reserved) for the other minorities," it says.

      "In no case shall any seat within the recommended 15 percent go to the majority community," it emphasizes.


        Re: JUSTICE for 400 Million MUSLIMS in India

        Why S M Mushrif’s book “Who Killed Karkare?” not discussed in media

        By Mohd Ziyallah Khan,

        To tell a truth in front of a tyrant ruler is the biggest crusade in the sight of Lord. And perhaps, this saying sounds so true to Mr. S M Mushrif (retired IPS officer – former IGP Maharashtra) when he wrote his book ‘Who killed Karkare?’ published a couple of months back. Ironically, despite all the truth he has managed to jot down in his daring work, he couldn’t get the kind of coverage or response in the Media.

        The sort of debate or discussion it should spark off in the market sounds missing though, the reasons are obvious, which he himself disclosed in his recent visit to Nagpur on 2nd and 3rd January 2010 in a conference organised by Bahujan Sangarsh Samiti Nagpur Chapter.

        He said that 20-25 different journalists from the various big and small media houses – both the print and electronic – which interviewed him on 28th October 2009 at his Pune residence, but nothing really appeared the following day, except in small time newspapers of the city. His work was totally kept under the carpet; nobody really cared to debate or discuss it in public domain, thanks to the kind of pressure the Saffron brigade has created on the media industry. So one can imagine the fear in which they dwell these days. To this point Mushrif added a humor saying, “the saffron elements happen to be the real terrorist, but with my book they seems to be terrorized, so in this way I now call myself a more bigger terrorist than them”.

        The most interesting speech in the two-day program of Bahujan Sangarsh Samiti, was in the symposium on ‘Hindu Nation and Bahujan Society’ (Bahujan Society is referred to the non-Brahmin communities, including Muslims, Christians, Sikh, Dalits, OBC’s etc). In his speech, Mr Mushrif said that the real trouble before the anti-national elements (saffron groups) were the true nationalist people like Karkare, Salaskar, Kamte etc, who managed to find the real culprit behind the series of bomb blasts executed in various places including, Malegaon, Nanded and Parbhani etc. The two laptops recovered by Karkare after Sadhvi Pragya’s arrest disclosed, how the Hindu terror network was responsible for the series of bomb blasts carried out, making Muslim innocent youths responsible for the same.

        The laptop recovered had ample of information about how the Hindu terror group materialized this anti-national activities using people and groups of different expertise and resource. These groups of men included some high profile industrialists, politicians, media professionals, historians, academicians and so on. This new nexus coming into light was well exposed by our real hero, the ATS Chief, Hemant Karkare. This man made a promise to himself that he will leave no stone unturned to let the world know the truth. However, before he could do this, he was knocked out of this mortal world in a very mysterious fashion during the 26/11 Mumbai attack.

        According to Mushrif, the elimination of Karkare was nothing but an innovative way of getting rid of a person who was likely to expose the anti-national elements which is nothing but the saffron brigade. This innovative way is – certainly killing people like Karkare under the shadow of some operation like 26/11, so it was a good team work between the so called Lashkar men and the saffron elements.

        According to Mushrif, the IB was well informed about the LeT men hatching a plan to attack the Taj, they had been knowing this fact since 18th November 2008, but unfortunately, they never passed on this information to the Navy or to the Mumbai police, rather they preferred to give it to the coast guard which has nothing to do with the internal security. So it was nothing but efforts done too little too late, failing thus to avert this attack. The IB despite being informed about the movement of the boat carrying the men with lethal weapons remained tongue tied. Earlier the IB was provided with 35 different suspicious cell no’s by the RAW, the same numbers used during those 72 hours of terror in Mumbai, including many ISD calls and only one call made in Mumbai, just before the death of Karkare. In this way Hemant Karkare was killed by the men as per the directions of the saffron elements, while the message went to the masses was, ‘LeT men killed him’.

        According to Mushrif, he had found 11 stark contrasting elements in two operations. The Taj-Oberoy-Trident was completely different from the one at Cama and Rangbhavan lanes. How can same people be at two different places at the same time? Also, he came across so many loopholes, in the 26/11 investigation. Sr. IAS officer Rangari told Times of India, Mumbai edition that during the attack at CST, out of 35 CCTV cameras, 16 were shut down at that particular day for no valid reason. The SIM recovered at CST station of the terrorist belonged to a person based at Satara (a city in Maharashtra), the police investigation was intervened in the midst of the due process, and this owner of the SIM was never brought to books. The lady beside the coastal area identified these men who came from boat, and was the eyewitness to the massacre perpetrated at Taj in the broad daylight, but was soon forced to leave for US.

        The interesting remark made by Mr. Mushrif at the end of his speech was, that the IB in India is worst than any RSS Shakha, and that if these men who happen to be custodians of our security and who remain hand in glove with the enemies of our society, then its time to stand up for a new revolution.

        (The writer is a freelancer and media activist based in Nagpur, can be contacted at [email protected])



          Re: JUSTICE for 400 Million MUSLIMS in India

          Court allows only prayers at Hubli Idgah Maidan

          By IANS,

          New Delhi: The Supreme Court Wednesday allowed the Muslim community to hold mass prayers twice a year in the Idgah Maidan in Hubli in Karnataka, but ruled out allowing the construction of any structure there by the community.

          A bench of Justice Dalveer Bhandari and Justice Mukundkam Sharma gave the ruling, upholding the June 1992 verdict of the Karnataka High Court.

          The high court, upholding the lower court's ruling, had said the Idgah Maidan was not the exclusive property of the Anjuman-e-Islam but belonged to what was by then the Hubli-Dharwad Municipal Corporation.

          Rebutting the claims of the Anjuman-e-Islam, a Muslim religious body, the high court had said that the Maidan was not leased to it but it was merely given the licence to use the field for twice a year for religious purposes - offer prayers on Bakr-id and the Ramzaan.

          The high court, in its verdict delivered Jun 8, 1992, had also ordered demolition of a permanent structure, erected by the Anjuman, within 45 days.

          In its appeal against the high court ruling before the apex court, the Anjuman-e-Islam had contended that the field had been given to it on a 99-year-long lease in 1930 by the former British government and it was free to use it in the manner it deemed fit.

          The Supreme Court gave the ruling on an appeal by the Anjuman-e-Islam against the high court ruling.


            Re: JUSTICE for 400 Million MUSLIMS in India

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              Re: JUSTICE for 400 Million MUSLIMS in India

              Muslims want strong, prosperous India; say unity must for it

              By TCN News,

              Muslims want to see India more educated, prosperous and stronger than all other countries. For this there should be communal harmony and strong unity among communities in the entire country. This is the general feeling of Muslims in Delhi and Patna today on 60th Republic Day. TCN teams went into streets in the two capital cities and asked people: What kind of India they want to see in future, and what requires for India to become internally strong.

              “We want to see a strong India. Unity, communal amity and harmony are must for it, says Azmat Ali Khan,” a driver in New Delhi. A. Danyal, principal, Millat Urdu High School in Patna echoes the driver: “The wise way to make India internally powerful is to promote communal harmony by inter-faith dialogues among the communities. As India’s is a plural society, without mutual understanding it cannot progress and get stronger.”

              While many are proud of the democratic system of the country, some say we can see a delightful future if the values of democracy be given its due respect by government as well as citizens.

              Delhi Muslims:

              A Jamia Millia Islamia student— We want India become better than today. People should excel and be honest in their work.

              Azmat Ali Khan, a driver— We want a strong India – an India where education particularly of Muslims is ensured. For India to become strong, communal unity and harmony is must.

              Kausar Neyaz, a teacher— Better than today. Education is must so that poverty is eradicated and children become soldiers of the country.

              Muslehuddin, a teacher— India should maintain its importance in the world. It should move on the path shown by former president APJ Abdul Kalam. Only then India can become super power. Youth of the Muslim community should be strong educationally and financially

              Two madrasa students— Developed, prosperous. People should think good for each other. They should be united and love each other.

              Nayyer Azam, a B.Tech student— Prosper and communally peaceful. Politicians should be honest.

              A Muslim NRI— Honest, decent and truthful. We have a great nation. If leaders become honest, it will be good for India as a nation and for all communities.

              A grocer— A happy, prosperous India. There should be communal unity and harmony.
              Azeem, a class V student— An India where roads should be clean and there is no terrorist. We ourselves should become good to make India better.

              Farooq Ali, ex-Army man and security guard at Jamia Millia Islamia—Want to see India stronger than America. This can be achieved through education. Education alone can make India super power.

              Tanveer Ahmad Qasmi, a cleric—Want India become leading country in the world. For this we will have to choose the path of truth and honesty. To make India great and leading, we have to free India from corruption as well. Our country is great in terms of democracy and I am proud of it.

              Delhi Muslim women:

              Shaheen Kausar, principal of a private Muslim school— Want to see India very beautiful and very strong. I wish it again become golden bird and stronger than all countries. For this struggle, courage and unity are required.

              Sakina Anwar, a student of Jamia Millia Islamia: Very beautiful and better India. We must be united so that we could work for the betterment of the country.

              Bushra, an MA student: Want to see India better, higher and more developed than others. We need confidence and unity.

              Patna Muslims:

              Maulana Anisur Rahman Qasmi, chairman, Bihar Haj Committee—Our country has democratic system and we believe it will see delightful future if the values of the democracy be given its due respect by government as well as all the citizens.

              A Danyal, principal, Millat Urdu High School—We want to see corruption-free, educated and cultured India where all the basic facilities are available for all the citizens irrespective of religions, castes and creeds. The wise way to make India internally powerful is to promote communal harmony by inter-faith dialogues among the communities. This is because India has plural society so without mutual understanding it cannot progress and get strength.

              Mufti Sohrab Nadvi, deputy secretary of Imarat-e-Shariah—It is really great to have democracy system in our country but we need to implement this system with its full demands then only every one will be able to live peacefully.

              Maulana Wasi Ahmad Qasmi—We want to see India as a role model for whole world and for that, true democracy and unity is must in the country.

              Haris,a young journalist—60 years ago the Indian Constitution came into force but it is a fact that we are still far from the vision of our forefathers. We need to work in all fields including education, health, and economy without any discrimination. Every Indian wants to see the country growing but this should be for all and not only for selected people. There should be strong policy to tackle the poverty.

              Maulana Noor Alam Rahmani—Discrimination must be ended and equal opportunity should be provided for people of all sections, and especial attention should be given to rural areas where most of the citizens are living. Neglecting them, country will never progress.

              Adil Fareedi,a Darul Graduate—Government should build relation with common people and try to understand their problems and concentrate on education. Unfortunately, government take decisions keeping in mind high profile industrialists and not a common man that is why price is growing but government did not take any appropriate step to control it. This is not the way to progress.



                Re: JUSTICE for 400 Million MUSLIMS in India

                Adv Shahid Azmi shot dead in Mumbai

                By TCN News,

                New Delhi: Advocate Shahid Azmi, who was defence lawyer for about 50 Muslim youths languishing in jails in terror cases, was shot dead about one hour ago by unknown people in his chamber near Taximen's Colony in Kurla East, Mumbai. Five people pretending as clients entered in his office and fired five rounds at Adv Azmi from pointblank range. He was rushed hosiptal but declared dead at arrival.

                About 32-year-old Shahid Azmi was the defence counsel on behalf of Jamit Ulema Maharashtra for more than 50 Muslim terror suspects languishing in jails in connection with Malegaon blasts and train bombings.
                His close acquaintance Dr Tasleem Rahmani, president, Muslim Political Council of India told TCN that Azmi was just 16 when he was arrested in a TADA case but he was later acquitted by the court. “He was a brave, humble, intelligent and efficient lawyer who charged minimum from the innocent victims,” added Dr Rahmani.
                Who could be behind the killing? “Those who have conspired for putting hundreds of innocent Muslim youth in terror cases, could be behind his murder,” said Dr Rahmani.

                Malegaon-based says: Shahid Azmi came to the limelight after he began handling the 7/11 Mumbai blast case and other terror related cases in which Muslim youths were detained. His petition filed on behalf of Jamiatul Ulema challenging the Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA) is pending for judgment in Supreme Court.



                  Re: JUSTICE for 400 Million MUSLIMS in India

                  Islamophobia at work in Indian media

                  By NM Sampathkumar Iyangar

                  A 61-year-old passenger was getting his personal baggage checked at the security check booth of New Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport on February 10. The security man found a knife in the baggage and reported the matter to his officer. A spokesman was not able to specify the type or size of the 'knife' but could only tell the media, "We found a knife in his baggage. When we questioned him, he could not give any reason so he was detained and handed over to the police."

                  The incident may not ordinarily be considered to be newsworthy. However, the passenger Winston Marshall happened to be an American national. It was natural that it immediately attained some news value.

                  While an online TV blog flashed it as "Delhi police detain a US National at IGI airport", a more 'enterprising' one focused on the resident of New York and said: "US terror suspect held in Delhi.” The police were checking if he had any terror links after finding from his passport that he had travelled to Pakistan and Bangladesh recently, according to another media circus that said: "American detained at Delhi airport for suspected terror links"

                  Press Trust of India, whose ticker is frequently picked up and quoted in the big 'national' press as well as the vernacular press across India, had other news peg about the incident. PTI is considered to be the Xinhua of India, and not without basis. Ever since the Agency got nationalized through the backdoor and lost its independence soon after independence, it disseminates the news as desired by government authorities.

                  Although supposed to be autonomous and 'free', it often propagates the views of the reigning rulers more than the news of incidents. Naturally, PTI is considered across the world as the State-owned or 'official' news agency of India. Its ticker: "61-yr-old American national detained at IGI airport."

                  The style of the report accurately reflects the current status of Islamophobia in India. It explains the actions of the rulers in New Delhi, such as on Batla House fake encounter, eyewash retrials on post-Godhra pogrom, ban on SIMI, etc. In fact, PTI seems to stand for Press Tarnish of India to brand anyone professing the religion of Islam as a terrorist. No wonder, the 'staff reporter' of PTI highlights some "juicy details" not obvious to unbiased observers.

                  1. The passenger was flying to Doha, in the Arab heartland.

                  2. He preferred to take a Qatar Airways flight.

                  3. He changed his religion some 40 years ago (PTI described him as Kensinghton Carmichael, a convert from Christianity to Islam)

                  4. He travelled to various parts of the national capital

                  5. He had multiple tourist visas and had visited Pakistan and Bangladesh earlier.

                  Maybe, the passenger would not have made news for PTI had he opted for a major airline carrier such United Airlines, KLM Royal or British Airways; had been destined for London or Amsterdam, had he desisted from converting to another religion; if he had remained confined to Delhi airport while in India; and had he not visited Dhaka, Karachi etc, with due entries in the passport!

                  It is not odd that the PTI staff reporter found the presence of a knife or whatever "reminiscent of the case of terror suspect David Headley, arrested in Chicago in October last for allegedly plotting terror strikes in India!"

                  Incidentally, the mischief comes close on the heels of preventing an elderly couple from attending a marriage in Dubai. The Emirates flight with some 400 passengers, in which the 71-year-old and his wife suffering from a heart condition were traveling, was called back from the runway just before takeoff. While the detention of the ‘terror couple’ hogged the limelight, not many media businesses cared to inform viewer/readers the outcome: There was nothing that could incriminate the senior citizens and the whole airport drama was based on a hoax call warning about the “Islamic terrorist” in the flight.

                  [The author is an unattached policy analyst based at Ahmedabad, India]


                    Re: JUSTICE for 400 Million MUSLIMS in India

                    Originally posted by ruslan View Post
                    Adv Shahid Azmi shot dead in Mumbai

                    By TCN News,

                    New Delhi: Advocate Shahid Azmi, who was defence lawyer for about 50 Muslim youths languishing in jails in terror cases, was shot dead about one hour ago by unknown people in his chamber near Taximen's Colony in Kurla East, Mumbai. Five people pretending as clients entered in his office and fired five rounds at Adv Azmi from pointblank range. He was rushed hosiptal but declared dead at arrival.

                    About 32-year-old Shahid Azmi was the defence counsel on behalf of Jamit Ulema Maharashtra for more than 50 Muslim terror suspects languishing in jails in connection with Malegaon blasts and train bombings.
                    His close acquaintance Dr Tasleem Rahmani, president, Muslim Political Council of India told TCN that Azmi was just 16 when he was arrested in a TADA case but he was later acquitted by the court. “He was a brave, humble, intelligent and efficient lawyer who charged minimum from the innocent victims,” added Dr Rahmani.
                    Who could be behind the killing? “Those who have conspired for putting hundreds of innocent Muslim youth in terror cases, could be behind his murder,” said Dr Rahmani.

                    Malegaon-based says: Shahid Azmi came to the limelight after he began handling the 7/11 Mumbai blast case and other terror related cases in which Muslim youths were detained. His petition filed on behalf of Jamiatul Ulema challenging the Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA) is pending for judgment in Supreme Court.

                    Was Shahid Azmi killed by ‘Hindutva’ gangster Chhota Rajana?

                    By TCN News,

                    Mumbai: The word Hindutva before the notorious gangster may not be surprising as the Mumbai police say Adv Shahid Azmi might have been killed at the order of fugitive underworld don Chhota Rajan to avenge another don Chhota Shakeel’s alleged dispatching of shooters last year to kill defence lawyers of BJP’s Varun Gandhi and September 2009 Malegaon blast accused Sadhvi Pragya Thakur.

                    Shahid Azmi (33) was killed by three armed men on Thursday in his Mumbai office. Azmi was defence lawyer for more than 50 Muslim terror suspects in different cases including Mumbai train bombings, Malegaon 2006 blasts and 26/11 terror attacks.

                    A senior case investigator has been quoted by media as saying: “Azmi was allegedly bumped off to avenge Dawood gang’s operations chief Chhota Shakeel’s dispatching shooters last year to Delhi and Mumbai, respectively, to kill lawyers representing the BJP’s Varun Gandhi and September 2009 Malegaon blast accused Sadhvi Pragya Thakur.”

                    The Delhi Police’s special cell had in July 2009 nabbed seven suspected Chhota Shakeel men who were allegedly tasked to kill lawyers, Mukul Rohatgi and Siddharth Luthra who were representing Varun Gandhi.


                      Re: JUSTICE for 400 Million MUSLIMS in India

                      Where does this 4o0 million figure come from ??
                      "Closer and closer to mankind comes their Reckoning: yet they heed not and they turn away" (21:1)


                        Re: JUSTICE for 400 Million MUSLIMS in India

                        Dhule police firing of May 6: Fact finding report

                        By Staff Correspondent,

                        The indiscriminate police firing on Muslims who were protesting against a poster depicting the image of Prophet Muhammad on May 6 in Dhule town of Maharashtra suggests that the police came with a pre-determined mind to ‘teach a lesson’ to Muslims. The community is still frightened as their members though appeared before the fact finding team requested anonymity.

                        This is the observation of a 5-member fact finding team of All India Secular Forum. The team visited the affected areas in Dhule on May 12, six days after the incident. The team found excessive use of force by police was evident for all to see. “The Communal Prejudice among the police is a very strong. Many Muslims abstained from responding to the query by the Team as they think it might bring them to Police’ vindictive attention, as they themselves opined. Even those responded, requested to keep their name undisclosed. Police has created a fear psychosis among the people for no obvious fault of them,” says the fact finding team.


                        A Maharashtra city, 300 kms north-east of Mumbai, has about 5 lakh population out of which 40% are Muslims, mostly engaged in power loom industry, known as Ansaris. The rest of the population is engaged in agriculture and allied industries. Sugarcane, Banana, groundnut, Cotton and of late grapes are the major crops of the region. Quite a few ginning as well as sugar mills are located in the region.

                        Though Dhule and Malegaon are twins for many reasons, unlike the latter which is situated at a distance of a mere 50km, Dhule is historically a peaceful city from the communal point of view. However, people started feeling communal tension since the Ram Janmabhoomi movement launched by the Sangh Parivar in the early 90s. A number of smaller skirmishes were reported in the years followed from Nandurbar, Sakri, Navapur, Pimpalner… which are on the borders of Gujarat and Madya Pradesh.

                        Prior to the recent incident, the last big Hindu-Muslim riot in the city of Dhule took place in October 2008 over the controversial Afzal Khan-Shivaji poster, in which about 10 people lost their lives. A separate enquiry report on this riot was released by AISF then.

                        Sequence of May 6 Incident

                        On the day of unrest, May 06, 2010, when the administration was busy conducting MHT-CET exam, someone pasted a computer generated cartoon of Prophet Mohammed on the district Collectorate notice board. Creating images of Prophet Mohammed is considered to be a blasphemy by Muslims. One Bilal Ahmed who happened to visit the Collectorate, on seeing the poster, rang up to Mr. Sawaal Ansari, NCP Corporator and informed him of the mischief. Sawaal Ansari, in turn informed one Mr. Harshawardhan Kadam Bande, Ex MLA and NCP leader. A delegation led by these two leaders called upon the District Collector who in the presence of the Superintendent of Police, assured the delegation that that the culprit(s) would be arrested within one hour. However, hours passed without the police arresting any.

                        Meanwhile, a crowd of Muslims numbering few thousands had gathered at Assi Footi Road, Tiranga Chowk. The crowd demonstrated against the blasphemy and demanded immediate arrest of the culprits. It is reported that the crowd had turned violent and pelted stones on ST Buses. According to the media 14 buses were damaged which the Muslim representatives refuted saying only two buses were damaged. Police force was deployed on the scene. The SP Mr. Himmatrao Deshbhratar appealed to the crowd to disperse peacefully, assuring them that the culprits would be arrested soon. He even requested Mufti Mazood Ahmed (35 years old) to appeal the crowd. Standing on top of the Police Vehicle, Mufti appealed to the Crowd to disperse.

                        When the Fact Finding Team asked about the happening the Muslims told that, heeding the appeal of the Police officer and the Mufti, the crowd dispersed peacefully, and as it was time for Namaz they went to Namaz Subhani Masjid. However, they further said, when the Namazies came out of the Masjid after offering Namaz they found themselves surrounded by RAF Commandos and local police who started firing indiscriminately on the crowd without warning, and unleashed frightening attack on people and property. Several people were injured including Mufti Mazood Ahmed who was requested by the Police to appeal to the masses to maintain peace, was also brutally attacked by the Commandos, his two fingers are fractured and is now in bandage.

                        The eye witnesses told, immediately after this firing without warning, the police launched an offensive in the Muslim basti, forcefully entering into houses, hurled abuses on the women of the houses, beating whoever was found including women and children, breaking furniture and throwing about utensils in the kitchen and arresting about 40 Muslims from their homes.

                        The fact finding team visited Taj Transport Garage which according to the eyewitnesses was ransacked by 15-20 Commandos who beat up the owner Mohd Alim and picked up 6 employees of the garage.1 Similarly the Commandos broke open another shop, Maharashtra Battery Works which was closed then, and raged the shop to the ground. The batteries were also smashed beyond repair. Another Engineering workshop run by Haji Mohammed Shafi Ramzan Shah, was also raided and his servant Shafique was brutally attacked and taken to custody.

                        Criminal cases against protestors

                        The police filed FIR No 154/2010 against the crowd under the article 307. “In total 23 people were made accused in the case, 11 were arrested, rest remained absconder. However, we have secured release of all those arrested on bail, said Adv Nadeem Ansari talking to from Dhule.

                        Agreeing with the findings of the team regarding the police brutality, Adv Ansari cited a case of controlled use of police power. Adv Ansari said only on May 27 there was some incident in an area in Dhule. Two groups of majority community pelted stones on the police but the police restrained from firing and just resorted to lathi-charge, but in the Muslim case they opened fire.

                        He also added that the all the accused are those who were injured in the incident. The government has not given any relief to the victims of police brutality. On any official enquiry in the incident, Adv Ansari said the District Magistrate has ordered an SDM enquiry. The enquiry will take place on June 16/17.

                        The fact-finding team consisted Dr Suresh Khairnar(Nagpur), Mayatai Choure (Kamptee), Ranjit Pardeshi (Dhulia), Adv. Karim Salar (Jalgaon), Rahul Wagh (Dhulia) and Asif (Malegaon).

                        [Photo by]


                          Re: JUSTICE for 400 Million MUSLIMS in India

                          Ajmer blast investigation in media: 2007 and 2010

                          By Najiya O.,

                          Investigation by the Rajasthan Anti-Terrorism Squad has brought to light new, and supposedly real, faces behind the deadly attacks in the Ajmer shrine in 2007. And the CBI says that the Ajmer and Hyderabad Mecca Masjid blasts are linked, done by the same forces. So what about all the news stories published in the media about the so-called Islamic terrorists like the HuJI behind those bomb blasts? What about all the articles published by the media based on the revelations of ‘intelligence officers’ and ‘official sources’?

                          Three people were killed and 17 others injured when a bomb exploded in the Ajmer Dargah Sharif on October 11, 2007. As always, the police, government and media began to hunt for the involvement of the so-called ‘Islamic terrorists’ with Pakistani and Bangladeshi connections. That the blast took place in a Muslim shrine, killing and injuring Muslims in the holy month of Ramadan was not a matter at all. The Harkat-ul Jehad e Islami based in Karachi became the prime suspect immediately.

                          On October 13, Praveen Swami wrote in ‘The Hindu’ on why the ‘Islamic terrorist groups’ should attack a Muslim shrine ( Certain media doubted the HuJI while some speculated that the HuJI had organized the blast in association with other terrorist groups. Shahid Bilal was the man reported to be the key operative behind the attack. The Rajasthan police also suspected Syed Salim, a victim of the blast and former resident of Hyderabad, to be a part of the HuJI network and claimed that he must have triggered the bomb, but the Andhra police rejected the theory stating Salim had no record of any terror link. The report by Shishir Gupta in the Indian Express on October 15 added – ‘Official sources said that nothing concrete has emerged so far in the probe and any link of the HUJI or its operative Shahid Bilal to this case is still to be established (

                          The police picked up many clergymen and madrasa teachers during the investigation. One person named Bashir was arrested by the UP police. He is reported to have given clues about Moulvi Abdul Hafiz Shamim who also ran a madrasa besides being the moulvi in a local masjid. Moulvi was reportedly tortured in police custody for 18 days and then set free for lack of evidence. Khushbur Rahman, a teacher in a Rajasthani madrasa, was arrested on October 25 from his home in Jharkhand and released on November 6 on want of evidence. Moulvi Imran Ali was picked up as per the clues given by Khushbur Rahman (

                          The reports of 2007 stated clearly that the Ajmer and Mecca Masjid blasts were linked, though not in the way it is said now. The way the two blasts were organized looked similar. In both cases one bomb was left unexploded. ‘Investigators feel the Mecca Masjid attack and the Ajmer blast were carried out by the same group — HuJI Bangladesh — due to similarities in the modus operandi. Both used a mobile phone trigger and unexploded devices were found after both strikes’ ( ‘The police have stumbled upon evidence indicating that the Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) used in Mecca Masjid and Ajmer blasts were fabricated in Hyderabad .. ... Bangladeshi HuJI activist Abu Hamja prepared eight IEDs in Hyderabad in May first week and the explosive material was smuggled into the city from Bangladesh by an alleged LeT operative Shaik Abdul Nayeem of Maharashtra, sources said on Friday. While two IEDs were used in Mecca Masjid, four were sent to Ajmer. One bomb at the mosque failed to detonate.’ ( And more importantly, SIM cards of mobile phones were used to trigger the bomb in both cases; the seller of the SIM cards was traced to Jharkhand. A report of the IANS said -"The central intelligence team was in Jamtara and they interrogated Sahid, the owner of Sargam Telecom. Sahid had sold the SIM card used in the Ajmer blast to someone called Babulal Yadav without asking for valid documents," a police official told IANS ( The report also states that the name and address given by the man who bought the SIM card were false. The fake name on the ID card was traced to Babulal Yadav of Jharkhand while the photo was that of Tarak Nath Pramanik, a yoga instructor in Noida. The report continues about the police interrogation of Sahid and the alleged connections that the Pakistan’s ISI has in Jharkhand. A report carried by the Indian Express states that the government contacted Pakistan on the matter: ‘India is learnt to have referred to Harkat-ul-Jihadi-Islami (HuJI) and its commander Shahid Bilal, who is alleged to have masterminded nearly
                          all the recent terror strikes in the country’ ( The then Home minister Shivraj Patil also made the following statement after visiting the blast site at Ajmer “I am fully aware of the progress of the investigations and how far it has reached. The investigation is going as far as our borders,” (

                          Fast forward to 2010

                          However, all these clues and links have attained an entirely different meaning now, when the Rajasthan ATS have discovered new hands behind the blast. Beginning a new wave of arrests in the blast case, The ATS arrested Devender Gupta, a member of the RSS, from Ajmer on April 30, 2010. It was followed by the arrest of Chandrashekhar Barod and Vishnu Patidhar from Madhya Pradesh on May 1. ‘Two members of the Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS) - Devender Gupta and Chandrashekhar Barod - have emerged as the prime suspects in the Hyderabad's Mecca Masjid and Ajmer blasts. .... Investigators say the names of Gupta and Barod came up during the narco-analysis of Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur and Lt Col Prasad Srikant Purohit during the Malegaon blast investigation.... The name of Sunil Joshi, an RSS member from Madhya Pradesh, who died in December 2007 also cropped up. ... The Rajasthan Home Minister, Shanti Dhariwal, confirmed the links to The Hindu newspaper saying, "Colonel Purohit, arrested for Malegaon blast, has confessed that Sunil Joshi had organised the Dargah operation with the help of Gupta." ( ‘A few days after this (the Ajmer blast), Sunil Joshi and Vinod Patidar were found dead at their respective houses in Indore. It is suspected that Joshi and Patidar were “silenced” since they were reportedly “becoming weak links.” ( May 18, 2010).

                          Vishnu Patidhar was arrested from Shahjahanpur allegedly for helping to procure mobile phones and SIM cards used in the blast on May 1 and released a few days later when he reportedly agreed to be approver against the two prime suspects. Prior to this a man named Sanjay Gupta was also detained in Dhar. Lokesh Sharma was detained on May 13 and was remanded in police custody till May 21.Rajesh Mishra, an industrialist, became the fourth to be picked up from MP on the Ajmer blast case when he was detained for questioning on May 15. He was then released on May 20. The ATS is yet to catch hold of the two other suspected masterminds Asimanand and Ramnarayan Kalsangara who are reportedly hiding in Gujarat and Karnataka (

                          The Indian Express’s report on May 18 said that ‘at least two accused in the newly emerging network behind the two 2007 blasts, Devendra Gupta and Chandrashekar, have affiliations with Abhinav Bharat, which was founded in 2006 by Lt Col Prasad Purohit — another accused in the Malegaon blast — as an educational trust but was in reality a step to “set up a parallel Hindu state and an armed government’ (

                          Home Minister P Chidambaram said in an interview with the CNN-IBN channel, “We think now there is evidence pointing to terrorist groups, which are supported by extreme right Hindu fundamentalist organisations. We don't call it Hindu terror--terror is terror... The groups seem to subscribe to an extreme fundamentalist Hindu philosophy. We think there is evidence that connects the Ajmer blasts, the Mecca Masjid blasts (in Hyderabad) and not yet (but) the Samjhauta (train) blast,” he said (

                          A whole new list of suspects and arrests have come up and the media which had earlier published reports detailing how the HuJI members carried out the attack are now explaining how the RSS and Abhinav Bharat are behind the blasts. Praveen Swami writes about ‘The Rise of Hindutva Terrorism’ in the ‘Outlook’ (May 11, 2010) which says - the Rajasthan Home Minister Shanti Kumar Dhariwal said ‘the men were backed by an "organisation which tries to incite violence between Hindus and Muslims", adding that authorities were "investigating the links of the organisation with the RSS" ( But the question that continues to haunt every person who has observed the developments in the case is that why the Rajasthan police’s investigation did not move the way the ATS investigation has moved now even though both agencies used the same primary evidences and links such as the unexploded bomb, SIM cards etc.

                          Mentioning the results of investigations of the Ajmer, Malegaon and Mecca Masjid blasts, Nikhil S Dixit wrote in DNA on May 19, 2010, ‘All these arrests are an indication that investigators are slowly shifting their focus to the once neglected ‘Hindu terror’ groups and are waking up to the potent threat of ‘Hindutva terrorism’. Even though evidence of such groups existing has been there since 2002, investigative agencies have always turned a blind-eye towards them. Timely action on part of investigators could have helped saved many lives and prevent certain blasts’ (



                            Re: JUSTICE for 400 Million MUSLIMS in India

                            UP Minorities Commission seeks report on harassment of Muslims by a police inspector

                            By TCN News

                            Lucknow: Taking strong note of complaints by muslims against a police inspector, received during tour of Shahajahanpur district on June 13, the chairman of State Minorities Commission (SMC) SMA Kazmi has seeked report from district administration of Shahjahanpur. The commission has also directed that any senior official should present himself before the commission on June 29 with complete report regarding the complain.

                            Secretary, SMC, Mohd Akram informed newsmen on Wednesday that SMC chairman Kazmi has received complains against Raja Singh presently posted as Incharge, Sadar Bazar police station in Shahjahanpur district. "The complainants include local muslims who have stated that Singh in vindictive action uses abusive language against muslims when they venture out for offering namaz. The police inspector has also been accused of beating innocent muslims besides puncturing the tyres of mtorcycles outside mosques when people go inside for offering namaz," said Akram on Wednesday. He also stated that the complain has been taken seriously by the commission and has been treated as a case of Muslim harassment.



                              Re: JUSTICE for 400 Million MUSLIMS in India

                              A masjid between communism and capitalism

                              By Kashif-ul-Huda,

                              Communist parties have ruled Indian state of West Bengal for 33 years. In the last few years the ruling Left Front has welcome capitalist and have gone out of the way to bring them to their under-developed state. Whether this strange mix of communists and capitalists will do any good to the state remains to be seen but this nexus is already affecting the lives of people living in this state.

                              The structure looks like a typical small masjid of north India with three domes and minarets on its sides. Structurally this building still looks like a masjid but its function has changed over the years. Sitting next to a prominent road, while decades ago it would have served as a place to offer namaz for the travelers now this building serves the customers. In the past, muezzins may have called azaan to invite devotees to prayers (Hayya 'ala-s-Salah) and thus success (Hayya 'ala-l-Falah), now shops and banners compete with each other for customers for quick bucks.

                              This is one of at least ten mosques in Kolkata that remains under illegal occupation. Most remarkable about this masjid is that it in West Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharya’s constituency. Situated on 32A Ramkrishna Upanibesh Road in Kolkata, it is completely under illegal occupation and no prayers are offered there anymore.

                              “Sri Hari Glass Works” seems to stake a claim on this owner-less masjid. Glass works shop occupies half of the building and the other half is a courier and travel service. Turning a house of worship to a place of business is not only breaking Indian laws but also a violation of sacred traditions. But the worst crime is the election advertisements painted on the walls by the ruling party CPI(M) asking for votes. May be there could not be a better picture than this of Left Front’s misgovernance of the state where it has supported unlawful elements, encouraged illegal activities and completely disregarded its Muslim population. This masjid thus becomes a symbol of what happens to religion when pushed by both communist and capitalist ideologies.

                              Recently, Shahanshah Jahangir, president of Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) of West Bengal, along with others visited the spot and inspected the mosque premises.

                              He expressed his grief saying “Muslim places of worship have never been safe under the CPM rule in the state.” He also expressed his determination to take legal steps to recover the said mosque and if required he will lead peaceful democratic protest for the purpose.

                              Email the Chief Minister of West Bengal: [email protected]