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The Difference Between 'Inception' and 'Conception'.

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    The Difference Between 'Inception' and 'Conception'.


    Earlier today, I was reading a book which referred to the beliefs of people from different religions. Anyway, I came across a few :scratch:' sentences.

    This is what the sentences read.

    "Roman Catholics believe that life begins at conception."


    "Muslims believe...Life begins at inception-the fusion of the sperm and the egg."

    Well, what i'm wanting to know is the difference between 'Inception' and 'Conception'.

    I personally thought that 'inception' meant the 'beginning of something' whilst 'conception' meant 'the fusion of the sperm and the egg'.

    I'm seriously puzzled now.

    :alhumdull i would be very grateful if any one of you could provide me with a useful answer. I need an answer as soon as possible so I can hit back at some of the wallies *points at GooBAB and the rest* :spunch: that tried to bust me up by suggesting that I read the book wrong. :eek3:

    I hope for a response soon.


    Prepare to be :boom: and (To those that tried to bust me up).

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    Re: The Difference Between 'Inception' and 'Conception'.

    Conception is the moment that the ovum and sperm head meet and fertilisation takes place.

    Inception has many different meanings.....

    I think you are just getting confused.

    conception is, arguably the moment where life begins.

    Both religions agree to this from what I recall.