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  • designed for the city

    The North Face is legendary in the north face shoes sale world of fleece
    outerwear. The brand is practically synonymous with warmth and comfort. We love their jackets so much, but there is so
    much more to The North Face than that — and with winter quickly approaching, it’s time to start exploring! What
    should we start with? Boots, of course! As long as we have a high-quality pair of boots and a coat ready for winter, we
    can make do with pretty much anything else already in our closet. This pair is just about the highest quality you can
    get, and they’re not your typical oversized snow boots — they’re seriously cute!

    This Nuptse Purna II boot Opens in a north face clearance boots new
    Window.Opens in a new saving shoppers’ feet in the cold. Over 100 of them are in love, saying they can’t “
    rate this shoe high[ly] enough.” They say it’s “incredibly warm” and “extremely comfortable,” not leaving their
    feet feeling constricted like boots from other popular brands including Columbia and Kamik. They also confirm that this
    boot is totally waterproof, noting that their feet stay “completely dry” even while walking through puddle after
    puddle of wet slush!

    These boots, available in the north face mens boots sale
    black or brown, were “designed for the city,” made to actually endure and withstand harsh winter conditions
    instead of just look pretty on our shoe rack at home. As one shopper said, they are of “excellent quality, as expected
    from The North Face.” The shoes’ velvet-suede upper is super soft, but won’t let a drop of water through — and the
    rubber outsoles provide the best traction and durability!

    One detail we absolutely love about the north face shoes
    these boots is that they’re eco-friendly. They feature a 100% recycled P.E.T. ripstop quilted cuff, which
    just so happens to be totally comfy and adorable. Oh, and versatile too — since we can fold it down or keep it up to
    cover more leg. We recommend playing around with both. If we keep it up, we’re showing off the quilting — but if we
    fold it down, we’ll show off the plush faux fur! Did we mention there’s faux fur? We love the faux fur. Okay, you get