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How do you plan on furthering your religion?

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  • How do you plan on furthering your religion?

    Do you have something you are working on right now that can contribute to the ummah?

    There are many ways to contribute..

    You can study islam and spread haqq and combat falsehood in the islamic community such as Shirk, nationalism, coconutism, materialism, shiism etc.

    You can study Arabic and help spread the language to many non-Arabic speaking brothers...

    You can Spread truth and combat lies and propganda online. (Yes, I do think this is useful)..

    So what are you striving for? What are you doing for your religion that Allah SWT blessed you with?

    Myself, I have thred goals.

    1. Achieve financial power to spread islam in countries and areas where islam is very small to non-existant so that we have more muslims who will also work to further the cause of islam.

    2. Relearn Arabic to a point where I can teach. I wanna teach basic Arabic to poor people in non-Arabic countries.

    3. My biggest dream is to build an islamic tech school so that Muslim countries can again be technogy advanced as was the case
    in era islamic years.

    Maybe none of them will ever happen, Allahu alam. But its nice to have a goal in mind.

    Are you not bored with your with 8-5 job that just pahs you enough to enjoy life but never enough that you are a slave to the system?
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    Stop being apologetic to Kuffars!

    If I don't engage with you or reply to any of your question, it's likely because I find you racist and a total waste of time.


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