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    Re: "Forum Scholar"

    Originally posted by AbuNajm View Post
    السلام عليك ورحمة الله وبركاته

    I accept the validity of the belief that Allah is sitting on the Throne as an interpretation of Allah's Istawaa. This is the position of Ahl as-Sunnah. The only ones who reject the validity of this belief are heretical sects like the Ashaa'irah and Maturidiyyah.

    This is a nuanced position that over-emotional sectarian people will object to.

    To be clear- rejecting the attribute of "sitting" for Allah is not wrong. Accepting the attribute of "sitting" for Allah is not wrong. Declaring as a Mushrik, Mubtadi', Mushabbih, Hashawi, Mujassim, etc., someone who believes in the attribute of "sitting" for Allah is wrong and indicates ascription to one of several deviant sects in Aqeedah.

    It seems that you are a sensible individual [MENTION=117067]amantu[/MENTION]billah, and so you picked up on the fact that I never mentioned a belief that entailed that Allah is "physically" sitting on the Throne. It does not seem that you believe "sitting" is an attribute for Allah and that is just fine. Accepting the validity of a belief does not entail agreement or ascription to it.

    I don't know what Abu Mus'ab believes aside from what I read in the link provided in which he states his opposition and borderline Takfeer of individuals who believe that Allah is "sitting" on the Throne. This alone indicates to me that he is an Ash'ari or Maturidi and it raises suspicion about his Aqeedah and Usuul.

    I hope your fasting is going well, brother.

    بارك الله فيك

    Yes I am aware of the different interpretations of Istawa and have chosen to follow what seems to be the more dominant position as I have learned it, that Istawa is understood as "ascend/rise over" which is the positon of Ibn Taymiyyah raheemahullah.

    This is also the position of Mujahid(ra)

    Mujahid (d. 102 H.) said: «Istawa (meaning) : Rose (`alaa) above the Throne.

    [ Sahih Al-Bukhari, Kitab "At-Tawheed", chapter {And His Throne was over water}

    And likewise , keep us in your dua.


    [Point #3 explains the meaning of Istawa as irtifa/ala]

    Wa Allahu alam
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      Re: "Forum Scholar"

      Originally posted by AbuNajm View Post
      وعليك السلام

      You can't even accurately refer to my quotes in this thread in order to engage in a rational discussion.

      Where did I, or anyone for that matter, mention a belief that Allah is "physically" sitting on the throne?

      And since you can't help yourself but start name-calling before you can even get the terms of the discussion straight, you are now on my ignore list.

      One last note, since it seems so important to you for some unknown reason-

      It's none of your business whether I have studied under Ulamaa'. I'm not here in any capacity as a person of knowledge nor does anyone here study under me. So what does it matter if I have any credentials or qualifications. I mentioned that I am a published translator and Muhaqqiq in the sciences of Fiqh and Hadith. My work is a matter of public record.

      Unless you are also a published individual in the sciences which we are discussing, then you ought to have more respect- even if you disagree with the views presented.

      However, you appear to be incapable of restraining your hatred for opposing views and you have already become insulting, so I'm not going to waste any more time with you.
      You disagreed with the point made,

      Which was it is wrong to believe Allah عز و جل is physically sitting on the throne,

      Either that or your a Troll, going back and forth,

      I won't waste my time with anymore
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      "It does not befit the lion to answer the dogs."

      – Imam al-Shafi’i (Rahimahullah)


        Re: "Forum Scholar"

        Originally posted by AbuNajm View Post
        A person who states the following could never be an Aalim:

        This suggests that the Salaf like Mujaahid, Abdallah bin al-Imam Ahmad, ad-Daraqutni, the Tabi' at-Tabi'ee Kharijah bin Mus'ab, Ibn Taymiyyah and others did not learn Aqeedah and believed wrong things.

        I don't know how such a person can be an Aalim if that is what they suggest.

        This also suggests that Abu Mus'ab, with all due respect, is influenced by Ahl al-Kalaam in his own beliefs since he felt the need to mention his opposition to this belief from the Salaf in a simple introduction to his website.


        Perhaps you should take this up with him directly?

        Its Ramadan, so he won't be on here, but after this month is over.....
        Allah is always watching [VIDEO]

        How To Weep For The Fear Of Allah

        Please remember to share these links with people you know so they can also benefit from them. :jkk:


          Re: "Forum Scholar"

          The above advice sounds good