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  • Divorce

    salam alakium everyone
    I am struggling I need help
    My husband of 20 years took a second wife in September
    Since September he has spent 1 month with me
    He was stuck in the middle East with his second wife.
    He has not touched me at all and this morning told me I am repulsive that he is not attracted to me and has not been for years. He has prayed bad on me saying I am arguing with him all the time. I am not, if I say anything he will start an argument and blame me. I am always apologing to him. Today I touched him and he told me my whole attitude is wrong that he is done with the marriage he has walked out again. Threatened divorce and told me the marriage is over.
    I feel that his new Moroccan wife has put black magic on our marriage.
    He tells me I disgust him.