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We have a mod who isn't capable doing this job, should he resign?

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  • We have a mod who isn't capable doing this job, should he resign?

    I posted a topic called "Do you think it's worth considering marrying a sister from back home?" but he closed it within 10 seconds, that's rude and immature. I just wanted to know what others think of this so I can advise a brother I know. What I posted something which wasn't rude or controversial. We have a mod who doesn't likes showing consideration and mercy towards others. He deletes and closes people who are seeking help and support. I remember he closed post by a 17 year brother who was seeking help because you couldn't provide for his family but he called him a troll then we have a sister who is having problems with jinn and stuff but he keep closing her posts. I think they are genuine people but say if they are trolls, other people still will benefit from tips or advise from us. This mod aka Abu 'Abdullaah his immature and I don't like his bad behaviour, he is not considerate or caring or compassionate, no wonder this forum is going downhill, less and less people are using it. Hardly any people come here, usually same a few people, isn't better to post new topics that may encourage others to come here?. We need a new moderator with good heart.
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    Not this again.