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Is the man allowed to deny his wife her basicall needs?

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    Re: Is the man allowed to deny his wife her basicall needs?

    Originally posted by P1RAT3N View Post

    I am sorry if this post seems weird and out of order but I am not happy talking about these stuff. It's just easier for me to write it online where no one knows me. I am a shy little fella. But anyways...

    There is a hadeeth saying that a woman shall not deny her husband his needs (aka intercourse). It's his rights when it comes to marriage. But we shall not forget that many people are different.

    Some men (they exist) does not need alot of intercourse like many thinks. And some women actually needs more than people can imagine. Sexually frustrated women exist, and it is not easy for them just cuz they are women.
    If this kind of man and woman clashes and marries, and the man cannot satisfy the womans needs when she wants to and she sleeps angry on him, will he sleep with the angels curse on him until he wakes up?
    Him denying her can cause fitnah and makes her do haram, which will destroy the family, the same that might happen if the man gets denied from his needs

    So is it allowed for the man to deny his woman her needs?

    ahh... this whole post is cringy but I need to know. If it's allowed for the man then I better not marry cuz I have severe trust issues. Someone taking my needs just cuz they can will make me furious, better for me to stay alone than harming my future spouse.
    I am a kind and loyal sister so don't think I am a monster. My trust issues is a long story. If I find someone I trust I am willing to sacrifice my all for them. But if that person brakes the trust then I shall not back off before crushing them. I am tired of that happening to me all the time that I no longer can control my anger

    Best Regards

    I always get confused about topics like this. Why do people consider intimacy between spouses a basic "right"? surely if you love and trust someone, this would not even be an issue. People have different feelings/moods not everyone is the same, and it shouldn't be forced upon someone unnecessarily.

    To answer your question, before marriage its obviously impossible to know, but after if there is a serious difference of expectations in that area, then there should be some discussion between them, and hopefully reach some sort of compromise. If not, and its beyond everything else, then people do get a divorce.

    What you mentioned in the end, isn't wrong. Not many would be able to trust another person if they did something terrible to break it. I don't think marriage will resolve your trust issues, you need to seek some counselling. Also forcing is not allowed. It doesn't matter if its the mans (or even the womans) "right" either you discuss it with your partner and find ways to improve the relationship, or find someone else.