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marriage registred in another country

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  • marriage registred in another country

    Hi All,

    I am going through toughest time of my life as after 10 years plus of living with my wife and having a baby and making significant commitment I am left in a situation and shocked

    cut long story short, I am going to get divorced and also try to fight for my kid custody.

    my marriage was registered in an islamic country according to sharia laws of that country
    in islamic marriage there is something called mehr which means at time of marriage the husband agrees to pay the wife x amount when she demands it at any time or when they get divorced.

    the mehr can be anything from 2 flowers to 10 houses whatever she chooses.

    I have looked at numerous articles online and here is what I have seen :

    1. nikkah or islamic marriage done in the UK is not valid unless registred
    2. islamic marriage registred in another country which islam is the law then it is accepted in the uk
    3. contrary to point 2

    1 and 3 is clear but 2 is not.
    if point 2 is honoured then i suppose they should also honour the divorce condition which is whatever the woman wanted at the time of registering marriage not according to the UK laws.

    my question is what is your experience here ?

    if i have 150k net worth of asset and 100k of debt so total of 250k, under english laws, would they split every debt and everything else in half?

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    Re: marriage registred in another country

    go consult a lawyer for proper information on your situation


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      Re: marriage registred in another country

      you need a lawyer....hint hint...

      If you, or anyone you know, needs a Lawyer, please message me


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        Re: marriage registred in another country

        In the West, it is not uncommon I believe for the wife to be granted a lot more than her mahr from the civil courts if it comes to divorce.