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A confused brother (regarding goals for marriage)

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    Re: A confused brother (regarding goals for marriage)

    Originally posted by _Sapphire View Post
    Not me personally, but I know some mothers in law who are adamant that her son's wife must be a kitchen queen, even if it means lowering the standard of Deen, which is very disappointing.
    salaams to all

    it seems u are also implying that as long as shes pious, it doesnt really matter if shes useless in the kitchen

    im not referring to being a world class chef but she should be a decent cook who can prepare wholesome meals for her family on a daily basis.
    too many sisters seem to think theres nothing wrong with store bought food instead of cooking themselves at home.

    buying ready to eat meals from takeaways etc is both spiritually & physically unhealthy.

    and Allah ta'ala knows best
    Sufyaan Thawri "Whoever is very popular with his relations and neighbours, we suspect him to be compromising in preaching the true teachings of religion."
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      Re: A confused brother (regarding goals for marriage)

      Originally posted by Dr. Blitz View Post
      Assalamu alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatu
      Bismillahir rahmaanir rahiim.

      This is going to be a strange post but I've found myself in an unique set of circumstances. So here it goes.

      Is it wrong of me to seek someone who is more pious than me? Well whats wrong with seeking a pious bride you may ask!
      I come from a religious family, living in one of the most Islamic countries in the world, if not the most. I've lived in the west and have quite a liberal mind Yet I constantly feel I'm surrounded by munafiqs (hypocrite) and khawarij (exiters, people who read Qur'an, prays all salaah yet doesn't understand the Qur'an & deen)

      My family believes I can be happy married to someone less pious as long as I can make her more pious after marriage but I want someone who is already more pious than me and will bring me closer to Allah (swt) through marriage. I have already tried speaking to a few under permissible circumstances to help them understand the deen but it seems impossible to eradicate 20+ years way of corrupted thinking by a few hours talk on what RasulAllah (saws) and the salaaf recommended in order to explain the Qur'an. Should I lower my standards and hope my future wifey will become more pious from observing me? I'm no where near perfect but I never dare question the will of Allah (swt) coz I consider that as shirk. I am aware of Qadr, I'm just curious if my point of view is correct ie to wait rather than change my goals. I'm also aware of the criterias used in seeking a
      potential bride.

      JazakumAllah khair

      Personally, I would seek someone on the same/similar wavelength as you. People can change and get better with time if the mentality is there from both of you, to want to be better. I don't think simply seeking a really pious wife will automatically make you pious as well. That's a very naive way of thinking. You will probably even have more conflicts with that person, as you said it is difficult to suddenly change your lifestyle and mentality so quickly. You can't "make" someone more pious after marriage either. You just need to communicate with them, that you want to become a better Muslim and see what their position is.