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Scared of dying without marriage.

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    Re: Scared of dying without marriage.

    Is it just me being too harsh or dumb but what has death got to do with marriage?

    The title of this thread 'SCARED OF DYING WITHOUT MARRIAGE".

    I'm not trying to be funny but seriously you are scared to die without getting married?

    We live in a society where we try to do things in chronological order...


    But what we don't realise is that death is not promised at the end. Our end could be at the top of that list or in the middle.

    Allah says in the Qur'an that we were created to worship him. Our whole purpose of existence is worshipping Allah and striving for Jannah.

    Marriage is important and one should get married. But putting death and marriage on the same page is immaturity.

    When you die your spouse will not accompany you in the grave.

    Your spouse will not guarantee that you are saved from the punishment of the grave.

    And your spouse will defo not determine whether you go to Jannah or not.

    Your actions and emaan will determine that.

    You should be scared of dying as a kaafir.

    Or dying as a munafiq.

    Or dying on baatil.

    Or dying whilst indulged in haraam.

    Or dying whilst you are not following the Qur'an and Sunnah.

    Or dying whilst in disobedience to Allah.

    Or dying whilst Allah is not pleased with you.

    Or dying whilst you are in debt.

    Or dying whilst you haven't fulfilled people's rights.

    Or dying whilst your parents are upset with you.

    I'm sure you get the point.

    You should be scared of not worshipping Allah the way He Deserves To Be Worshipped.

    When you are ready for marriage, or when you feel you want to get married use the halal methods in seeking a spouse. Look actively. If it still doesn't happen continue the search and keep tawakul and concentrate on your deen and your akhirah.

    Remember ALLAH says I created you so you can worship me. Not I created you to get married.

    Marriage is a good way of increasing worshipping Allah but please don't get fixated with it.

    If marriage is written for you it will happen if it isn't you can chase it all you like it won't happen. Qadr Allah.
    Ibn Taymiyyah and Imam Nawawi رحمهم الله both did not marry but look at them and their status and their deen and how much they achieved.

    It's early Saturday morning. Sorry for waffling on.

    I hope you get the point and understand what I was trying to say.

    I hope Allah makes you a good and confident Muslim man who serves the deen and I pray you find a righteous wife.



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      Re: Scared of dying without marriage.

      Originally posted by horizon View Post
      Muslim Student Association

      The organization varies in its mandate from college to college. As others have pointed out, they can be as Islamic or un-Islamic, depending on their members.

      I also believe they are all loosely connected nationally (or globally).
      جزاك الله خيرا


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        Re: Scared of dying without marriage.

        One should only be terrified of dying without Islam.


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          Re: Scared of dying without marriage.

          Along with everything that has been said about dieing without islam worry about that dont worry about marriage. If you enter jannah and you didnt already have a wife in the dunya you can get married in jannah. As in jannah everyone will be married.


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            Re: Scared of dying without marriage.

            Msa sounds similar to isoc which is islamic society. All I can say is alot of moderate muslims


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              Re: Scared of dying without marriage.

              Do you believe in fate? What Allah has decreed will happen and if marriage & children are not in your fate then it will never why are you so scared? Stop being scared and raise that iman of yours...
              Women lost their modesty when men lost their gheerah..” .


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                Re: Scared of dying without marriage.

                So what if u die without getting married? What if u have an accident tomorrow and die? What is scary about not being married? You are putting pressure on urself for no reason...

                if you had iman in ur heart you would have accepted whatever Allah wills for you... rather than wasting ur time with these thoughts, study the definition of iman and strengthen ur iman, and this marriagephobia will go away...
                * typing from my phone, excuse the mess


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                  Re: Scared of dying without marriage.

                  I think in the end of it all we will realise that a life on taqwa is what we ought to have had... that which benefitted us most in the hereafter.
                  Whether this comes through marriage or not.
                  A marriage could drage us deeper into the fire and vice versa.
                  Infact, if a marriage is taking us away from Allah than divorce is better for us.
                  Point is what we should fear is a life that takes us away from the pleasure of Allah not matter what this entails.


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                    Re: Scared of dying without marriage.

                    Sorry for reopening this after almost a week of no discussion, but I want to respond to the comments questioning my "fear of dying without marriage." It was kind of an emotional night and I wasn't thinking rationally. Obviously my only goal is to die with Islam and to be without major sins inshaAllah, but I'd like to share my life with someone, with a family. Though clearly marriage isn't always a fairy tale ending, family makes me happy and I'd love to have one of my own.

                    I know that if it isn't decreed then it won't happen, but that doesn't mean I have to sit here until I receive an email from a potential spouse asking to marry me. I wanted to talk about my feelings to fellow Muslims and hopefully get advice from people who felt/feel a similar way.


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                      Re: Scared of dying without marriage.

                      Originally posted by Jade Vine View Post
                      One should only be terrified of dying without Islam.
                      ^ The most important reply on this thread.


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                        Re: Scared of dying without marriage.

                        Shynees around women is a huge plus. Women like that.

                        Also you're 18 man. Don't stress it and just ask for Marriage.

                        Maybe you're desire to get married gets you closer to Allah SWT. Be Patient though. Understand it might take years even a couple decades..Be patient.

                        Rasol married when he was 25.
                        Stop being apologetic to Kuffars!

                        If I don't engage with you or reply to any of your question, it's likely because I find you racist and a total waste of time.