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Choosing between husband and child

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  • Re: Choosing between husband and child

    Originally posted by Saif-Uddin View Post
    Op was referring to children of a previous marriage?
    Yes :embar:
    :love::love:"Silence ":love::love:


    • Re: Choosing between husband and child

      You spoken to hubby about how much you're missing your child?
      Any parent would feel the exact same.. it's only natural
      Why can't you bring your child over or your hubby comes to your country?
      So you're all together as one happy fam insha allah :)
      And with Him are the keys of the Ghayb (all that is hidden), none knows them but He. And He knows whatever there is in the land and in the sea; not a leaf falls, but He knows it. There is not a grain in the darkness of the earth nor anything fresh or dry, but is written in a Clear Record”
      [al-An’aam 6:59]


      • Re: Choosing between husband and child

        Originally posted by innocent-wife View Post
        Asalamu alaikum

        Since I have been away for a long while... I have new issues going on that I would like to share with u all in hopea to receive helpful advice...

        So I'm here backhome with my new husband.. many many many miles away from my child whom I dearly mis so much. I'm trying to stay happy as a new bride...well fairly new bride since it's been months for my marriage... but every time I remember my child I lose control and I wish to fly there the next day... my husband doesn't want me to leave too soon... he begs me to stay... on the other hand my child's begs me to return.... you have no idea how frustrated I am and I just don't know what to do... Ive been with my husband 4 months... is that enough time so that I can return to USA to my child?

        Gash I don't know what's the right thing to do... what's your advice... stay with husband or return to child who is 7 years old stating with my mom...

        Help me choose an action please :(

        Assalamu alaikum!

        Sis PLEEEEEEAAAAASSSSEEEEE go home to your dear son!!

        the fact that he misses you and you have not returned is breaking his little heart. No matter how we put it, you ARE putting this man before your son (sorry truth hurts). and as for the brother who was saying that a child goes to his grandmother once she has remarried is wrong! that's your culture mate, NOT Islam. The child would usually go to the father if the woman remarries and IF he is a good man. plus you would still be expected to be in your child's life. Personally I would NEVER let my husband take my son if we got divorced, my heart just couldn't take it!

        Anyways sis, i'm sure you had plenty of fun, but it's time to go back to your innocent boy who is craving for his mother. I think you should have thought this marrying abroad business through better seen as you have a young boy. plus the man lives in a war zone. you said your husband is not forcing you to stay, but you also said he is begging you???? so he's clearly more interested in himself. and YOU need to be a little more interested in your son. 4 months is 3 and a half months too long.

        i wish you khair! xxx
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