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40 ahadith on marriage

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  • 40 ahadith on marriage

    This is an English translation of 40 hadiths on the value and significance of Marriage in Islam by the leading Imam of his age, Ali al-Qari al-Hanafi (d. 1014 AH). Its Arabic title is Raf al-Junah wa Khafd al-Janah bi-Arba’in hadithan fi bab al-Nikah, and it was translated into English by Sayyad Arfan Shah al-Bukhari.

    The narrations are also significant to the ethos and morality needed within a practicing Muslim household which is striving to be in line with the teachings and practice of the Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam), and those who guarded and followed his beautiful way through the ages by means of the sanctity of marriage