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Divorced couples GENERALISED

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    Re: Divorced couples GENERALISED

    Originally posted by RaNdOm View Post
    Boys name meaning alone?
    No, is it clear.

    Wadih? am just a simple nomad.

    Ephemeral reader


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      Re: Divorced couples GENERALISED

      Originally posted by Kiro View Post
      No, is it clear.



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        Re: Divorced couples GENERALISED

        Originally posted by RaNdOm View Post
        Boys name meaning alone?
        Sweet dreams!
        Women lost their modesty when men lost their gheerah..” .


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          Re: Divorced couples GENERALISED

          Originally posted by RaNdOm View Post
          This is the first thing I would do with my husband

          tell him all my weaknesses and then he can tell me

          lol..why spoil the surprise?
          Spears shall be shaken! Shields shall be splintered! a sword day..a red day..ere the sun rises! Ride now! Ride now! Ride! Ride to ruin, and the world’s ending!

          None of you truly believes until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself.”


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            Re: Divorced couples GENERALISED

            Originally posted by Ya'sin View Post
            not a 100% sure but are divorced women allowed to live on their own and be free from guardianship?

            i'll read about it later but was just wondering, that's all
            Islam highly encourages muslims to live a married life, men and women r not meant to live separate,, someone the thought that marriage is only when one cannot control desires is completely wrong


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              Re: Divorced couples GENERALISED

              Please Please Please Make Dua for these [URL=""]Click Here[/URL] JazakAllahi


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                Re: Divorced couples GENERALISED

                1 divorce happened bcs of a man who wedded this woman after breaking a heart of a woman who he was promising to we'd&take care he found another 1 in meantime. The girl was waiting for him&this man developed another affair &promised to we'd .

                So he wedded, broke heart of the previous girl & very soon she heard that he divorced that lady bcs she was all out on his wealth.within weeks ....


                Don't play frauds,don't deceive, don't try to talk indecently to women &don't go for materialistic approach&worldly highs.

                Full understanding of divorces summed up majority :::

                Those who says evil in laws are cause of fassad,bot everyone is evil, many times girls don't have values to adjust &also plays a full evil role .whether desis or Arabs or Africans

                Be good to your in laws esp if you live with them,then be mannered,wise polite,&not at all diplomatic.In laws are not there to play politics with you.As you are so will your manners may change them.
                But some girls,like to talk of everything all around that brings turmoil in everyone's lives.

                And if you live far away then ,know your limits bcs a man is more entitled to his mom ,so give mom&son space &make peace.

                Don't be melodramatic, filling ears of husb with every gossip of in laws,eventually he goes against his family &, might hurt someones feelings.

                I hgave observed many cases so ,not everyone is ignorant villager treating like animals to daughter in law's ,btw in low countries the illiterate people or very evil people do such things .

                Girls like to poke nose in everything, so how you going to survive like this ?You married him not his family or estate !

                Everything looks good in limits.

                Then there are these pious people who divorce bcs they found brand new on line or women who found better ,etc ,not compromising on anything.

                Lack of patience & trying to get into roller coaster as young kids do ,with shouting&shooting each other

                There are abusive men & cold men
                There are feminist outside Islamic def.exists.
                Careers my wealth,my life,kids too mine ...

                Oh yeah didnt mention e the Polygamous supporters?Such men also lead to divorcees.

                As if easy way is to divorce,um beginning to think people already have this thrusted in mind -Divorce .They don't find solutions &,turn to ALLAH Ta'ala& wait for relief&cry.
                Either in misery they spend their lives.

                An advise to everyone to avoid such things ,men&women except for few real horrible stories in which its a necessity.

                Though ,my Duas for all the people who had wrong experiences but InshaALLAH, there is someone better for you but please don't repeat same mistakes bcs you need a stable sane life .

                May ALLAH Ta'ala help you all who been through traumas of bad marriages&bless you with real men&women who are a blessing for Deen,dunya&akhirah, Aameen
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                  Re: Divorced couples GENERALISED

                  Oh btw, evil in laws &evil spouses do exists to extent of patience of a pious persons patience too that gives up.