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  • Advise on Engagement

    Salam Brothers/Sisters, I recently got engage to a girl, I didn't see the girl very well before engagement and had a lot of pressure from my parents to give them an answer. I did instikara at the time but I didn't get any replay or maybe I didn't understand it. However, I said yes thinking she has a good family and my parents would be happy. I live and work in a different city from my parents and only go home for a few days every month, this is part of the reason I wasn't able to see her properly or talk to her. So a few weeks later I got engage to this girl. We talk on the phone and I felt she is a good person. The problem is that when I started seeing her in person I didn't like her appearance. I always had some concern about that before I got engaged but it didn't seem as bad then. She is a good person but she's not the kind of person I thought I will marry. I'm very confused and it's effecting everything in my life. If I back off from engagement I will break her heart and my parent would be sad. If I marry her I don't think I can be the husband I want to be to her. I'm doing istikara almost daily for past 3 days but I don't get a clear answer. Please advise what is the best Islamic path for me, also if someone else went through a similar situation please share. Thanks you...