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Are you even allowed to marry a secular muslim?

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    Re: Are you even allowed to marry a secular muslim?

    Originally posted by Jade Vine View Post
    And even if there was, judging by the apparent is superficial and incomplete, as there are many things we don't see, not included in the "judgement". And also, we have so many sins of our own, that judging others is just as pointless as throwing coins into a fountain.

    Whoever shows us evil, then we will not trust him or believe in him even if he claims his intention is good. What does it mean, exactly? People should be evil so we can consider them evil? And what if they are not evil, but they don't pray Salah. Do we consider them evil? Do we know if they will maybe start praying? Is being evil and not praying Salah the same thing? I really don't think so.
    Not praying Salaah, not giving a damn about it and to top it off rejecting parts of the Shariah of Allah tala, these Evil antics are all good according to you is it?

    You cant justify kufr,

    And you either accept the hadith or you dont,

    A muslim doesnt have sny right to argue against a hadith,

    "It does not befit the lion to answer the dogs."