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Mainly Sisters: How much better is married life?

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  • Re: Mainly Sisters: How much better is married life?

    Originally posted by Indefinable View Post

    The brothers on here are huge Fitnah.
    Originally posted by thebench View Post
    What? How? hahah
    Originally posted by Ya'sin View Post
    The sister has no wali or one that is willing to help, she hasn't got many people that will help her with her search or doesn't know how to go about it. Her family expect her to search for a husband herself like many other sisters unfortunately. People on here have gotten married and it's not your usual 'hee hua ha' giggly types either (as far as I know).

    [MENTION=51699]LailaTheMuslim[/MENTION] can correct me

    also, I don't think it's because the brothers here are a fitnah but it's more to do with knowing people on here and finding a better chance.

    why do you think they are a fitnah? If anything, the message is the opposite and that's what I get from most of the sisters here too. I'm not saying they are bad but not what women would want tbh. Words are one thing but actions are different and what you get up to real life.

    btw zi-zizou is obsessed with the sisters forum so I wouldn't tell him anything about it as he was asking me lol keep it a secret sis

    The above comment of mine was said in jest (I didn't mean anything by it).

    Originally posted by LailaTheMuslim View Post
    yeah that's what I was saying. Although my parents are involved in my life, and are religious people, they are culturally lax when it comes to marriage. Meaning that they expect that I should find a spouse without going into haram dating and relationships. But that leaves me with little opportunity to do so, lol.
    I pray Allaah subhanahu wa ta'ala blesses you with a righteous spouse, who takes care of you well. Ameen.


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