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Rules of divorce in Islam

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  • Rules of divorce in Islam

    Assalam o Aleikum!

    I am familiar with rules of divorce in Islam, but I would like to learn more because I was unaware that this is such a sensitive matter. I have been happily married and Alhumdulillah am very satisfied. There are some things which have started to bother me however... because I didn't know.

    We have had arguments in the beginning of our marriage where I told my husband in anger.. something like.. "I'm leaving" .. but deep inside I didn't want to leave .. and he replied to me in anger .. "You may leave".. and .. another time something like "I dont need you".. Also, another time he asked me not to make him angry because he doesn't accidentally want to say the words divorce.. meaning he doesn't want to divorce me.. so we deeply love each other Alhumdulillah.. but today I was reading an article about divorce and the indirect words others than "divorce" which cause divorce.. all of this has made me worried .. because if i had known before.. i would have never argued over such silly things.. our relationship is more important to me than small matters..

    Please give me your opinion on this..

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    Re: Rules of divorce in Islam

    Don't worry, indirect words for divorce are only divorce if they were intended as such. If your Husband said something like "I don't need you" and he meant by that that he was divorcing you, then it's divorce. If he said it and he was just angry and was saying something hurtful in his anger, but he didn't mean by it that he was divorcing you, then it's not divorce.

    Read this: