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How long normally is the islamic "courtship"?

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    Re: How long normally is the islamic "courtship"?

    Originally posted by nonameakhi View Post
    Ok I know these days practicality dictates some situations but the whole months thing is a bit ridiculous

    These things should be done in days and even hours not months and years.

    Also courtship isn't the right word. Marriage is more a contract than what we made it into today and hence the struggles imo
    Mine was 6 months with a wali back and forth but it should have been longer I think. I clearly didn't ask enough or know enough before hand.

    The purpose in the length of time would be to have the wali ask the questions *you* wanted to ask not just his questions. And there could be a lot of those. It cannot be simply about if the family is good because some families might be perfect but the problems are in the individuals themselves.
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