Assalam waleikum to all brothers and sisters out there.
Lately something has been bugging me and I wanted to share it with you all.
My country and society that I live in has sold its soul to the devil long time ago and as usually is the case with high mahr, grand weddings, expectations of a handsome, six-digit salaried groom, etc, marriage has become very expensive and subsequently zina has become rampant in my country. Literally everyone around me is dating and I find myself in a very lonely place at times. I don't see myself capable of reaching the societal standards of eligibility for marriage anytime soon and it saddens me even more. Whenever I am out with my friends, they will be discussing their love lives and their marriage plans and although they don't bother or insult me because they are aware of my religious beliefs, it does put me in a very strange position.
And in the three years at my university, I have seen things that has literally shaken me inside. Please do not take this otherwise, but very often I would find hijabi sisters indulging in illicit activities around the campus with other men and now this has left me wandering, will I EVER FIND A PROPER, PRACTICING MUSLIMAH? And do I even have a shot at a sunnah, halal wedding?
I might be suffering from a case of partial sight or hindsight, so I would like to know everybody's perspective.
Jazak Allah khairan.