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Pressure to find a husband

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    Re: Pressure to find a husband

    Originally posted by Constant Hope View Post
    I'd hope she'd be able to twll him he's a disgusting creep and shouldn't stalk her and she's after a pious Muslim man.

    OP, sign up to a matrimonial site that's reviewed as being Islamic such as Pure Matrimony, HalfMyDeen etc. and also maybe explore signing up to a marriage bureau and have the imam act as the 3rd person in the room, and IF you have to.conduct a meeting, any mahrams in the country would do, but i'd recommend you kewp.things in an open public place and try to stay on topic, but that doesn't mean you have to act like an uninterested frump as you should be allowed to show you aren't a plank of wood. Imagine how you would speaking to a person just constantly acting rigid in responses. At the end of the day, ypur i tention isn't to sin. It's to see if your personalities have a rapport and compatibility.
    Jazakallah khair for your advice, i will try it out:)


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      Re: Pressure to find a husband

      Originally posted by TurningTables View Post
      [email protected] a kangaroo that waived at him while he was flying. I used to know a pathological liar like that, they say the most ridiculous things. Sister Inshallah you'll find the right guy for you when it's time, don't give yourself deadlines because you'll just end up stressing yourself out. Best of luck inshalAllah.

      Lol I wonder if they know that no one believes them lol.
      Inshallah I will, I am not giving myself a deadline. My mum is. or was . I just called her. I guess after writing this it just made me wanna tell my mum that i don't need the pressure and that it will happen when Allah has written it will happen and that I don't want to settle. She took it well. I was stressing for no reason lol. When you have one parent left, its hard to disappoint them you know. but Jazakallah khair for your well wishes sis:)
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        Re: Pressure to find a husband

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          Re: Pressure to find a husband

          Originally posted by Muslimgirll View Post
          I am turning 26 in may and my mum is pressuring me to get married. .
          Did you pray tahajud in the last parts of the night and asked "the giver of all", "the most generous" for whatever it is that you want? if not, then your not really serious about this. I would advice you to do this, because I'll tell you from experience, whenever I did, ended up getting even more then what I have asked for.

          To motivate yourself for this, listen to Qiyam Layl by various speakers, recommend Yasir Qadhi & Hadith Qudsi were the All-mighty speaks directly to his creation.