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Question about second talaaq after Talaq Ahsan?

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  • Question about second talaaq after Talaq Ahsan?

    I had a question regarding second talaaq after Talaaq Ahsan. I know within the iddat period if wife is not taken back, it becomes irrevocable and a new marriage contract would be required.

    But if you want to make it 3 divorce after iddat is it possible without a new marriage contract.

    Basically converting 1 talaaq where re marrying with a new contract is possible to 3 talaaq where re marriage is not possible without halala.

    Asking coz i might need that since the society I live in considers divorce like murder and after Talaq Ahsan might irritate me time n again to remarry my wife.

    I have also heard with Talaq Ahsan, there is a provision for wife to stay with mother in law and father in law in the same house due to accommodation problems and giving the convenience to the kids to spending time with father if he stays close(location) to his father and mother's house ( if the ex husband is living in another house.) Is that true?

    Can someone with knowledge clarify this?
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