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prayer request- I need your duaa!

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  • prayer request- I need your duaa!

    Salaam alaykum. I am asking for sincere duaa from my brothers and sisters in islam. I have been with my husband for four years and mashaAllah we get along great. I am struggling because I am still living alone and I am praying everyday for my husband and I to be able to live together and start a family. Please keep us in your duaa. And may Allah strengthen us all in iman, bless us with spouses who are the coolness of our eyes, and grant us the highest jannah. Ameen. JazakAllah khair.

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    Re: prayer request- I need your duaa!


    May Allah make it easy for u...
    Bandon say dil naa lagao sirf Allah say lagao.


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      Re: prayer request- I need your duaa!

      May Allah bring you two closer soon with kheyr amin...
      ".......He giveth and spendeth (of His bounty) as He pleaseth. But the revelation that cometh to thee from Allah increaseth in most of them (kuffar) their obstinate rebellion and blasphemy.Amongst them we have placed enmity and hatred till the Day of Judgment. Every time they kindle the fire of war, Allah doth extinguish it;but they (ever) strive to do mischief on earth. And Allah loveth not those who do mischief."(5:64)


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        Re: prayer request- I need your duaa!

        Walaikum assalaam,

        May Allah make this possible for you and bless you both. :love:

        Life's actually pretty simple: you just have to enjoy it, pray, do good, refrain from bad, and respect others. Being Muslim is not a disadvantage or an advantage - it's a responsibility.
        "So patiently persevere: for verily the promise of Allah is true" (Qur'an, Surah Ar-Rum - 30:60)