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Husband at cold war with wife

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    Re: Husband at cold war with wife

    Originally posted by toska View Post
    That is a bad advice. What ever he does, don't do the same.
    OR better yet just do what I said:
    Tell him The Soviets and The Americans want their 'war' back.
    Or else Josef Stalin may awake from the dead and come to haunt his sorry ass.



    Maybe not like thaaatt!


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      Re: Husband at cold war with wife

      I wouldn't take advice from here, half are unmarried anyways and don't know the exact details of your status, situation.


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        Re: Husband at cold war with wife

        Assalamualaikum . Did u talk to him yet about this? R u sure he became like that because of that? Maybe he has something else in mind or he has something n this thing made him feels worse.

        U really need to talk to him, break the ice n be nice to him. Be cute when u talk to him. Maybe he will open up.
        Pay good mind to ur husband n don't judge before u know the real matter.

        If it's true that the reason behind it is what u expect than for me he is really really not a MAN n u must tell him to BE A MAN!


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          Re: Husband at cold war with wife

          Tough situation sister, Do you try speaking softly with him, and try to avoid talking about things that will bring conflict?

          What other's have suggested above, try breaking the ice, it will come as sort of a shock to him but he will eventually catch on.
          unconditional love for all of mankind.


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            Re: Husband at cold war with wife

            salaam thanks to everyone for advise some made me cheer up especially the joke about russia invasion. when I mean coldness , he avoids all looking , real warm conversations , touching etc, etc.
            I have tried being cute , making jokes etc etc . avoiding and even asking directly . so sigh I am not a mind reader and its nearing the fourth week now .
            I get the excuses I am tired, I am sick, I have a headace that's it .whatever reason for his silence its just plain rude & cruel. Ya Allah I pray it ends soon
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              Re: Husband at cold war with wife

              Walaikum assalaam,

              Maybe your husband is stressed out about something? Since he isn't speaking to you, do you have any children that might be able to speak to him and figure out what's bothering him? Maybe he should be seeing a therapist or counselling to help him through his worries.

              Was your marriage always like this? How long have you been married?
              Life's actually pretty simple: you just have to enjoy it, pray, do good, refrain from bad, and respect others. Being Muslim is not a disadvantage or an advantage - it's a responsibility.
              "So patiently persevere: for verily the promise of Allah is true" (Qur'an, Surah Ar-Rum - 30:60)


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                Re: Husband at cold war with wife

                certain personality are great with cold war. Its natural for them not to communicate much, so they don't have to work hard not to speak. Other personality, its a big struggle & have to constantly remind themsleve not to speak. sounds like you both are on opposite personality, which is fine.

                I suggest you give your husband space, meet cold war with coldness. I understand you have communication needs, for that I suggest turning to friends/family. Be busy all day, call up friends, talk to them. The discussion/talk that you would like to have with your husband, have it with friends. so by the time your husband comes home from work, you will be all worn out & won't have desire to talk to him. give him space as he is seeking for it