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The Woman who is a Queen

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  • The Woman who is a Queen

    The Woman who is a Queen

    An hour after the train departed, the two friends, Yousef and Michael, were once again ready to begin a discussion to pass the time while they were travelling.

    Michael:Yousef: That's fine with me, so maybe after that we could close this file.

    Michael: The first thing that comes to mind is the role of women. Why do Muslims insist that women do not join men in all walks of life?

    Yousef: Michael: Almost clear!

    Yousef:Michael:Yousef: All that certainly indicates that a family is the natural form of human life, and we can clearly see the role of each member and his or her function in this structure or unit. This is a role that is suitable for the aims of that unit and its nature (repose, affection and mercy), and is also suitable for the capabilities of each member in that structure or unit.

    Michael:Yousef: Exactly! And man's role is to provide the family with the means of living, including showing traits which are needed in times of trials and tribulations

    Michael: But this view leads to the loss of half of the production capacity of the society.

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