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Giving up Marriage

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    Re: Giving up Marriage

    Originally posted by guest80 View Post
    Move out of your parent's basement and find a girl on your own then. Keep it halal though. Or you can give up on marriage altogether. What do you want us to do?
    why exactly are you advising a muslim to move out of his parents? its not just women who should remain at home until they get married y'know


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      Re: Giving up Marriage

      Salaam aleykoum,

      I don't see a reason why you should give up on marriage.
      Marriage doesn't have an age limit ( look at our beloved Khadija Radi Allahu anha when she married our prophet peace be upon him).
      Live your life and keep your eyes and ears open. In sha allah you'll find a lady that you'll like (inside and outside). Sabr.
      Forgiving others is not a weakness.
      It takes a strong person to forgive.