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Wife wants to move out, I don't.

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    Re: Wife wants to move out, I don't.

    Originally posted by Outreach4Islam View Post
    Assalaamu Alaykum,

    This is her right. How can it be disrespectful to to ask for what Islam gives her as a right?

    Your culture may say different then stuff your culture, when it goes against Islam throw your culture out of the window and abandon that part of it.

    The rest is not relevant, if your parents were perfect even, and no problems what so ever, this is your wife's right, if she cannot be talked around she has a right to ask for this and you do not have a right to refuse it.
    any ruling from the Quran that says women are entitled to their own house? I though it was acceptable for for her to live with your parents that's still giving her the right of accommodation with proper facilities?


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      Re: Wife wants to move out, I don't.

      Originally posted by cdn_bro View Post
      If you live at address with someone o e more than a year. Theb common law applies. Which is same as marriage in north America
      is that Uk Marriage your talking about? I know common law exists in America but if you live as cohabiting partners in UK, legally cohabiting partners are not seen as married partners.