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what is the correct process of Marriage?

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  • what is the correct process of Marriage?

    Is it Haram to get to know someone before you tell the parents?
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    Re: what is the correct process of Marriage?

    Yeah you need to get to know them under supervision.
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      Re: what is the correct process of Marriage?

      My friend has told me that if a guy is interested in someone in uni. He should ask someone who knows her about her a little bit, unless he himself knows enough. Her class/lecture mates, friends, even teacher and if he likes what he hears. He should approach the sister: "Hello I am this and that and I am looking to get married, if you are interested, you can give me your walis number. And we can arrange a meeting. Obviously the girl should let her dad know that someone will be calling." Then they guy is suppose to call her father some time later and they arrange a meeting. After the parents are fine with the guy I think they can give a permission for them to use phone or email or something to communicate. But It should involve only aspects of marriage, not how are you today and etc. And talking should be formal, not friendly or casual.
      The worst thing is if you start to develop feelings. And decisions based on emotions are not very good ones.

      I am not an expert though so....


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        Re: what is the correct process of Marriage?

        Depends on what you mean by "get to know"?
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