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Prophet's proposal to Umm Salamah RA - masha allah

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  • Muslima London
    Re: Prophet's proposal to Umm Salamah RA - masha allah

    how beautiful to read this, especially the bolded part.

    Subhanallah, the most noble, the most greatest man in all of history did not think himself above marrryin a widow with children. in fact he reassured her with the most reassuring of words.

    i contrast this to a proposal was once looking at. the brother was a few years older thn me. He actually said that I, should feel grateful that he is considering me, as i have children.
    There are no - sticking 2 fingers up - smileys but that was more or less my reaction. Seriously bro, if thats your attitude, then i am NOT interested in your bit of charity to me.

    Our brothers in islam can learn sometning from the eitqutte, good manners and beautiful nature of the prophet mohammed pbuh.

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  • Prophet's proposal to Umm Salamah RA - masha allah

    The Prophet (saw) then approached her and she replied:

    "O Messenger of Allah, I have three characteristics. I am a woman who is extremely jealous and I am afraid that you will see in me something that will anger you and cause Allah (swt) to punish me. I am a woman who is already advanced in age and I am a woman who has a young family."

    The Prophet (saw) replied:

    "Regarding the jealousy you mentioned, I pray to Allah (swt) to let it go away from you. Regarding the question of age you have mentioned, I am afflicted with the same problem as you. Regarding the dependent family you have mentioned, your family is my family."

    They were married and so it was that Allah (swt) answered the prayer of Umm Salamah (ra) and gave her better than Abu Salamah (ra). From that day on Hind al-Makhzumiyah was no longer the mother of Salamah (ra) alone but became the mother of all believers, Umm al-Mu'minin.