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Prophet's proposal to Umm Salamah RA - masha allah

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    Re: Prophet's proposal to Umm Salamah RA - masha allah

    so beautiful :jkk:
    "O you who are patient! Bear a little, just a little more remains

    Enter your emotion and it gives you a dua!


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      Re: Prophet's proposal to Umm Salamah RA - masha allah

      Originally posted by Muslima London View Post
      how beautiful to read this, especially the bolded part.

      Subhanallah, the most noble, the most greatest man in all of history did not think himself above marrryin a widow with children. in fact he reassured her with the most reassuring of words.

      i contrast this to a proposal was once looking at. the brother was a few years older thn me. He actually said that I, should feel grateful that he is considering me, as i have children.
      There are no - sticking 2 fingers up - smileys but that was more or less my reaction. Seriously bro, if thats your attitude, then i am NOT interested in your bit of charity to me.

      Our brothers in islam can learn sometning from the eitqutte, good manners and beautiful nature of the prophet mohammed pbuh.
      Sis , do not compare prophet Muhammad SAW with other men today , he was peerless among the messengers , let alone the other men cannot compare among themselves :)