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Dream interpretation?

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  • Dream interpretation?

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    Re: Dream interpretation?

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      Re: Dream interpretation?

      Originally posted by kalsoom21 View Post

      I don't know how to go about saying this lol, but last month I had a dream that I had started my menstrual cycle.. I researched into this as my friend also told me that it had meant I was going to get married soon and she also had the same dream a few months before she was married. I couldn't find much online to do with this dream and was just wondering if anyone on here would know?
      I should add, I've wanted to get married for so long now, however there's no potentials.. every time I get to know a man who could be it just never works out

      serious answers please :)
      weird, never heard of an such thing but I am a guy so I don't count.


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        Re: Dream interpretation?

        Assalamu'alaikum sister,

        Dreams are all of what is left of the Prophets (as), in that all the Prophets had that power given by Allah (SWT) that they may glance into the future.
        You should try the book- Dreams & Interpretations by Imam Sireen (as)....IMHO you need the words of a scholar who refers to Hadith & Qu'ran to make sense of your dreams for you.


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          Re: Dream interpretation?

          dreams are just construct of your mind of all the thought you have or what you keep on thinking about. this means nothing. when you will get married is all up to allah.