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    Re: Advice needed...

    Originally posted by HijabCrown View Post
    Yes .. jazakAllah bro
    I dont have too many options. Regarding England, i was ready to move there, but what I've been told : british born muslim guys only look in UK because they have enough choices there or in the country of their parents if they dont wish to marry a girl from Europe.. :( Why is that ? I mean its only one hour flight from where I live I speak french, english and could easily adjust myself there. the only brothers interested are the ones who have an expiring student visa ? It means that they dont want to marry for Allah, but only to not go back in their homecountry ...? Its really hurting, do I deserve that
    This is a misconception, you are looking from an outside perspective and you hear stories,.
    A religious man will not look at the surroundings , he will go to the ends of the earth to find the pious sister he wants.

    If Bengali is only your choice you are limiting your options , if you open up you might find a good brother in UK definitely.

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      Re: Advice needed...

      Originally posted by Vector View Post

      I think there are possibilities still for you in UK/Germany but it would involve the internet and a lot of time and effort iA.
      you will find weirdos on the internet. i find it hard to believe that she can not find a decent bengali guy where she is living. keep on searching with your parents/friends help.
      Know that the life of this world is but amusement and diversion and adornment and boasting to one another and competition in increase of wealth and children...

      -Quran (57:20)


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        Advice needed...

        Sis you deserve more.

        And I think it is true about what you said about the British brothers ... As well as sisters there are plenty that they can choose from lol

        Maybe ask your mum to ask her friends etc if there's anyone looking to marry.. So sorry sis I wish there was another way
        إقراء القران فإنه يأتي يوم القيامة شفيعا لأصحابه


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          Re: Advice needed...

          Assalam alaykum,

          I don't think that marrying a man who is on a student or work visa is such a bad thing. Those visas are not easy to come by so this means the brother is smart and probably hard working. I would rather my daughter marry this type of brother who is striving for a better life than a brother who has it easy and was born there. Just make sure you marry someone that is studying a promising major and you will not struggle for long.


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            Re: Advice needed...

            Originally posted by Nulbreaker View Post
            Can we please stop with this 'only Bengali' bs. What on Earth makes Bengali's so special? Do not under any circumstances marry someone who does not have an EU passport. You cannot trust them. There are too many visa seekers. It's your husbands job to provide a roof over your head and food on the table so I don't understand your concerns over an apartment. What you can do is look abroad. I don't think you have much choice. There are lots of Muslims in Germany, why not look for someone there? As for the internet, what choice do you have? It's not as if you can get on a plane and go from mosque to mosque.
            You are telling people to stop with the 'only Bengali bs' but here you are telling her not to marry someone who does not have an EU passport. Why don't you stop with the only 'EU passport bs' ? I think by telling her this you are limiting her options and looking at non residents as bad people when this is not always the case. Each candidate for marriage is a case by case basis and some brothers may have bad intentions while others do not. I have heard bad stories about brothers using sisters but her and her family should use their own common sense and judgement to choose a good husband.