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Can I get Married?

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  • Can I get Married?


    Im 16 years old and I remember I use to get alot of girls always asking me out, And I always treated them very poorly afterwords. I dated someone when i was 14, peer pressued and astagfirllah I know. I didnt do anything though. Now I fear that I will give in to my urges and commit something wrong, so im asking if I can get married?

    I use to be told I was very good looking, but I've recently gained some weight. Im acctually okay with it, as the sisters dont come on to me so frequently nor do I go to them. But their is this one girl that was the nicest person to me last year, and wow, i started liking her for that. I havnt even wanted to look at her, I blocked her and etc because of these feelings and she started feeling really sad and cried her friends told me but now she likes someone else , and wow that guy is so much better, he is my friend mashallah, he is a very nice and good looking guy.

    But everytime I see her, I still feel sad... But I was thinking, If I get married, it would be halal to love my wife. I herd I just have to have a marriage contract and when im older the rest may follow.

    Sometimes I feel like just calling someone random and asking them out... I know IF i just excercise and diet for 3 months, ill be like i was before, Should I do it?

    The pro's is I would become fitter, healthier and more beautiful

    But the cons are the girls will pressure me more.

    Im at a loss for words.'

    I think getting married to someone beautiful at my age would be the answer, i dont know

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    Re: Can I get Married?

    doesn't sound like your ready, you need to establish yourself more. marriage comes with lot of responsibilities, and we dont marry women just because they are beautiful lol.
    Know that the life of this world is but amusement and diversion and adornment and boasting to one another and competition in increase of wealth and children...

    -Quran (57:20)