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  • bameyayayayah

    guys i need you're advice on this... -_- look as bad as this may sound i can't take it no more. Excuse my launguage but my testicular region feels like its going to explode anytime soon. Am 17 and I NEED TO BE Married.. without my parents knowing.. if i told my parents they would think am weird.. since they don't agree with early marriage..... SO why do i wanna get married? well tbh before i knew sex before marriage is a sin i didn't wanna be married... but now i know better.. lmao. Anyways look i really don't want to commit any sins.. I feel i have really come close to Allah. So now the only way for me to.. uhhhhh how do i say this... release? is to get a wife. Look am hot and am a nice guy :D LOL

    okay guys jokes aside please advise me on what to do... please don't bother giving me the same old answers like "Go fast" or any of those same old answers.... trust me ive tried... i can't help being a normal teenage guy.. i need to release the beast inside of me... Lmao.. okay seriously though.. what do i do?