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Flirting or socialising ??!

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    Where I work, I lower my gaze...but most of the time I have to work with Woman. There are sometimes where there is only us male employees...but that's rare and those are on days that I do have off. I can't do anything about it, other than avoid contact, but I always say Hi, ask how they and there families are doing, and if they need any help (remember I work in the food Industry) like making drinks or carrying food I help them. But other than that, I keep to myself. And for those of you that cannot tell between socializing and Flirting, trust me there are definitely ways one can tell.
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      Slap him? Nah but jab him hard in the ribs with your elbow, give him big deadly evil eyes which say "just wait till you get out of this building" and them smile sweetly and innocently and say "sweety you don't need this ladies pen, maybe she didn't wash her hands after gong to the loo, here you can use my pen" :rotfl:
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        Originally posted by Muslimah3000 View Post
        I'll draw a picture, a sister and her husband are going to an agency, where a woman works, and she's the only one that can serve you, your husbands gets closer, and ask her about informations, while smiling (big smiles) and she's as we'll smiling her head of, being very very kind to him and all happy, then asks him, let's say, to sign somewhere to get that something the couple wanted, he says: oh I forgot my pen can I have one, the lady gives him one and he goes: can I keep it? I already paid a lot to get this paper, and they both go: hihihi hahaha laughing, and then he goes, can I not have a discount? And again she goes no I'm afraid not and they both go : hihihi hahaha....

        What does it called? And is it ok to behave this way?
        It sounds like he was being nice to her in order to get a discount?

        I think people - men and women - need to be rational about this. Sometimes, if you want to achieve good customer service you have to be friendly and 'nice'. The customer service profession in the uk is quite low paid and staff sometimes cannot be bothered. If you appear uppity or aloof you are unlikely to get a good service from staff.

        Furthermore, I read somewhere that the prophet (pbuh) was laughing and joking when he delivered the infamous talk to women about ungrateful women being in hell. You wouldn't say he was flirting would you?

        Don't drive your husbands away by being irrational is all I can say.