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Women and Age

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    Re: Women and Age

    Agree with the post above.

    I've read a lot of negativity about older women, divorced women, career women, women with kids, women with degrees etc etc

    However, the forum to me, does not represent real life.

    I've seen all of the above married - and mashAllah very, very happy in their relationships.

    What people say is not a reality. What Allah wants/wills is what becomes a reality.


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      Re: Women and Age

      Originally posted by .: Anna :. View Post
      Whatever u do there will be someone who is not happy with it, either you are too young why you getting married, or too old why you not married yet, or whatever else. So you do what you want, and just ignore people cos u will never please everyone so dont worry about it too much :)
      Was about to mention what you have just said..but you've done it for me.
      Why are people always worried about what people think?

      Do the right thing with a correct intention and forget the rest.We as people all have our differences in don't keep thinking about what everyone else's thoughts are.
      If Allah brings you to it,He will bring you through it.


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        Re: Women and Age

        Originally posted by SeekingIhsan View Post
        What is your definition of sexist?
        It's treating someone differently just because of their gender. The law treats women differently than men because of their gender.


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          Re: Women and Age

          Check this out which is doing the rounds on FB:

          Look at the choosing a partner section women versus basically for women throw out all your criteria and just look for deen/character. Forget everything else! (sorry I am being a tad sarcastic).