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what happens when the woman is the bread winner?!

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  • what happens when the woman is the bread winner?!

    I just wanted to get an idea of what brothers and sisters think of a marriage in which the wife is the main bread winner.
    I'm going to illustrate with a real life situation.My cousin is a doctor in the US and was unmarried until last year after a couple of failed "engagements".By all accounts she's a very nice girl and dedicated muslim.The situation is she just got married to this guy who is a doctor and was her classmate in med school.They were not really friends then.In fact she was introduced to the guy when the guy was looking for someone to help him get into a residency program.She is almost done with residency while the guy is for all intents and purposes "unemployed".Following their marriage, he will be living in her place and pretty much depending on her income.While some family members were kinda hesitant to this union, I believe my cousin accepted the proposal and got married because she always feared a man who would "control her".Her fears have to do with how her younger married sister is pretty much been "abused" by her husband cos she has no income of her own.Are men in similar situation likely to be "more understanding"?And what happens when say he starts working and earning,is there any likelihood of things changing?i am just looking for pple's thoughts/insights......I imagine it is not an easy one!

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    Re: what happens when the woman is the bread winner?!

    There has already been a thread which was created earlier addressing this,


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      Re: what happens when the woman is the bread winner?!

      The man will end up a qualified Doctor, so will have little problem earning enough to keep his wife and children in the not too distant future, the temporary nature of this arrangement may make it easier to deal with.

      I would be hesitant to agree that the sole or major reason a husband abuses his wife is because she has no significant independent income. I suspect that its more to do with the man's own issues than the financial arrangements. I don't recall abusing my wife when she didn't earn any income nor be nicer to her when she did!!!

      The arrangement may give him a better perspective on aspects of married life.