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Desire for Marriage

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  • Desire for Marriage

    Dearest sisters and brothers, please can you help me with my dilemma. I have reached a stage in my life where I am ready to be a wife, a daughter in law and InshAllah a mother. But I am not perfect and learn more and more about the Islamic way of life everyday..

    I have someone with whom I wanted to marry, I've known him for a few years now however we are trying to better ourselves by practising and learning our religion. My problem is although he would make a ideal husband because of his piety and warm attitude and personality, is that enough for marriage? He is unemployed but job hunting and his family are all separated and have problems with each other. I feel ready for marriage as I dont want to commit any haram. My family have had good proposals and I am the first in my family so the expectations are understandable. For him, I've been waiting a year to make a move and bring a proposal to my house, but he just can't find a job.

    His family is another issue; I wanted to be a good daughter and sister in law; but all of his brothers and sisters has problems with each other and never visit their elderly parents let alone one another. As a Asian Muslim, our extended families mean the world to us.

    By now I expected to be within my first year of marriage, to have good relations with my husbands siblings and cater to my inlaws and most of all, have the respct of a married woman.

    Should I let him go and accept another proposal from someone who is not only religious but can provide for me and comes from a good family? Or should I keep my desire for marriage on hold for longer?