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WHy is he after to attack me?

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    Re: WHy is he after to attack me?

    nice quote sandman, I may have to borrow that..

    it reminds me of the story of the "pious thief" -bare with me here it is a old story I heard in my travels..

    one a hot night as a thief has prepared to rob his hundredth house from his long illustrious career he is marching off to his next victim. As she is turning dark corner he notices a light shining from a distance, the light belonged to from a bungolow door to which is slightly opened..

    when the thief comes closer to the door she realises that there is a owner who has fallen asleep on the rocking chair which is outside of the house. She decides to test her luck, she creeps inside and pillages the rooms for valuables and to her amazement she finds a chest which is locked..
    she tries for a long time to open this lock, but after a very long time, she manages to finally open the chest..
    She finds some old financial log books, she is completely baffled to what are peoples log books doing here? she flicks through and notices that the owner has been lending money to the various names mentioned in the book and has been sending debt collectors to gather the intrest repayment form these people, the charges are absurd since the chest is piled in a perfect two columns.. and the figures run into tens of thousands..
    She has had enough.. as you probably guess she runs off with the books, Sh enotices that she has left her loot behind and has contributed into something greater.

    -sorry for the story but i thougth it would be a good time to share this apparantly this is a true story from Syria some say, but allah knows best.