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just a random question??

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  • just a random question??

    salaam to everyone

    do a long distance relations work???

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    Re: just a random question??


    If Allah wills it and both put in the effort to overcome the difficulties, then yes

    But it is not easy.

    Experience has taught me this
    Oh Allah, please make my best day the Day I meet You to answer for my sins, and please have mercy on the believers on the Day our deeds will be judged


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      Re: just a random question??

      Wa Alaikumus Salaam,

      I assume you're talking about marriage as that's the only permitted relations in Islam. It's not ideal, the husband and wife have rights and responsbilities to each other that can't really be fulfilled when apart at distance. Allah knows best.


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        Re: just a random question??

        All relations should be long distance, you gotta be prepared to go the full distance.


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          Re: just a random question??

          Do you mean after getting married? If so, then it really depends on the people involved, and how much they are willing to compromise. My advice will be to let the other person know what your plans are for the future before doing anything like that.

          If before marriage, then please explain more. Why does it have to be long distance before marriage? Only reason I can think of is if they are engaged and one of them is away completind education or looking for work. And, that too, should only be done as a neccesity and with an intent to have the nikah done as soon as possible - under 6 month.
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            Re: just a random question??

            Isn't marriage about being together? if your farrrr away from each other, then I don't think that could work long term. Allahu 'Alam
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