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Forced Marriage: Marry or leave home!

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    Re: Forced Marriage: Marry or leave home!

    Parents are more selfish. You're going to throw out your son, just cuz the neighbors might "talk" if he doesn't marry someone he is not interested in. Seriously?
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      Re: Forced Marriage: Marry or leave home!

      ^^^Exactly. His parents are the ones who disobeyed Allah (Swt) out of fear of the people and you're saying HE is being selfish for not wanting to play along? What kind of twisted thinking is that? He wants to know what to do as a person who worships Allah (swt) not his parents. Selfish mari tui.
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        Re: Forced Marriage: Marry or leave home!

        i think its so sad that parents call be this forceful :(

        i would just walk away... it will be valid if he accepts her at the nikaah whether its through force or not...

        but if he doesnt want to then he should stay away...

        We arent allowed to disobey our parents... but when it comes to something going against islam.. etcc then its permissable
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          Re: Forced Marriage: Marry or leave home!

          the guy should grow up and be a man...
          he is NOT being forced to marry the woman, threatening him to be kicked out of the house is not being forced... no one is putting a gun to his head or beating the living daylights out of him... if his parents are threatening to 'kick him out' then either he leaves or accepts the fact that in return for getting a free house over his head he needs to do what they say and marry the girl... he cant eat the cake and then complain it didnt taste nice...

          if he marrys the girl then he has married her... he is a man and will be judged as one
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