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Getting Over a Broken Heart ~ The Islamic Way

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  • Originally posted by Indefinable View Post

    It could be about a married couple - whose marriage disintegrates and the person is mourning the loss of their spouse.

    It's not an easy situation to recover from.

    It doesn't have to be about haraam. (Although I get what you're trying to say).


    • Originally posted by Momochi View Post

      I would like to share with you, sisters and brothers, my story:

      9 years ago, I have meet on educational forum for studying foreign languages a boy, from Emirates (He was learning English, I too, in exchange I have learned with him German language and History). He was wonderful and, believed in Allah. Before I met him, I was unsure about my believs, but I have read about Islam, about Allah, how Muslims live - everything. It was something new for me, and it was like a path: I've agreed with many points. I have converted, on my own will, without someone's pressing. He didn't knew. From friendship fast was first love. You need to know, that we never meet in real life: just chat/Skype/WhatsApp. He was sharing with me all jis burdens, problems, weakness, good times, success. The same was with me: I could count on his support, a good word, a joke to improve my mood. Years passed.

      Together, each of us in our countries graduated from university: he from computer science, I from business management. He swore that I am the love of his life, that he wants to marry me, have children and grow old. I finally told him that for so many years I was also a Muslim, that these wishes made to him on the occasion of Eid Al-Fitr or others were not courteous - that at the same time I also experienced it, prayed, fasted. I did not grow up in the Muslim religion, but I learned it and go to the Muslim Center, where I learn, work and can learn something from older sisters.

      When I confessed to him, everything started to go wrong. he started to have less and less time for me. I understand, he started to work - I respect it, I also work myself. The problem of parents poured a bit of bitterness: that they would never accept me, because I do not come from the same cultural circle, that I do not know whether to introduce me to them. For nine years, he never told about me his parents or siblings. For that, I decided & introduced him to my family because from the very beginning I wanted to be serious and honest with him.

      With time, contact began to break. I made it clear: I am 26 years old, you have 27. It is time to start seriously: meet, meet our families, start thinking seriously about the future. I work in a large corporation with offices in Dubai, so relocation would not be a problem. He then panicked. For goodbye he only sent me a song on WhatsApp and since December he does not speak to me.

      How do I feel? Betrayed, used, washed out of emotions. I can not trust a man anymore. Should I finish this relationship sooner? I do not know. Everything started to go wrong from the moment he found out I was a Muslim. I'm not an ugly woman, I'm even considered very attractivr, though I'm not flounce because of modesty; now, after graduation, I earn very well, I am the head of the Financial Audit department - I am constantly developing, so I would not be a financial burden for him; so I do not know what happened.

      Now just prayers helps a little and job: slowly become workaholic, but I don't care as long as I don't think about this situation. This post is for me a purification of the soul: I have not told anyone so far. I believe that when I throw it out of myself, I will be able to finally find relief from this heartache.
      How are you doing now sis ?
      ​​​​​​I hope you have moved on and feeling better now.
      May Allah heal your heart and give you sabr.