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Is it acceptable to 'give-up'?

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    Re: Is it acceptable to 'give-up'?

    Assalamu Alaykum, , brother.

    You are not alone. You have Allah. I'm answering your thoughts/feelings. Basically, when i was a really little kid my dream was to marry too but then due to personal issues that changed.

    I say what i have to say: you dont need a woman to complete you, i mean sure to complate your Deen and make you feel like a man again but you only need Allah to make you feel whole. Content. Its Human to feel lonely, but loneliness can be from shaytaan too. How can one become lonely, we have nature, animals, even Human friends (guys for you i guess) and if you havent foudn anyone yet, i guess you just find a new.another dream to follow. If your body for example needs the opposite, that's Human instinct and for the time being you can do fasts to curb that. Or, get married.
    Whatever you do be sure to remember, Allah is always with you and when you have no1, Allah is with you and you can speak to Him in a way that makes you feel better. If you have angels as your friends, or in company, then so much the better!